Biff’s World — March 29, 2019

Biff's World - 2019-03-29 #1 v2

We have an anonymous ethics hotline where I work.  I’m pretty sure that no one actually uses it.  It says “anonymous”, but is there any way to be sure of that?

Everyone believes that using an anonymous ethics hotline is just another way of telling management that you really don’t like your job and that you’d be perfectly content to be unemployed.





  1. I work for a health professional regulatory body. Every year I hear, “We aren’t getting any complaints from the public, so that’s not good.” I always thought a lack of complaints would be a good thing, but I guess when the mandate is to protect the public, complaints show that people trust us to do just that. (not the same as tattling within the organization, just shows that mistrust is prevalent)

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  2. Yes, I too would be pretty wary of such a ‘hotline’. haha we all love tattling, who doesn’t! However, I draw the line at family members, you have to LIVE with them, after all.


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