Biff Tunes — The Secret of Starlight Moonlight

Secret 002

Much has been written since the inception of MTV (back when it was an actual music channel) as to whether a music video constitutes art or not.

Music videos have been cynically derided as mere marketing vehicles for the music itself.  In other words, record companies made music videos just to pump up record sales.  After all, no one actually bought music videos.  They bought the music that was featured in the song-length commercials, also known as music videos.

But I believe music videos — at least, some of them — are an art form in itself.  They are a part of the music, but they are an entity and a medium separate unto themselves.  Some of them stand alone as art, even if the sound is muted.

So today’s music video is one I stumbled upon quite by accident in my YouTube travels.  I should point out up front that it is sung in Korean and I have no clue what any of the lyrics are about.  And yet, that does not matter in the least.  The vocalizations (as opposed to the lyrics) provide context for the artistic visuals.  Frankly, I don’t want to know what the singers are singing.  I somehow think I would be disappointed if I knew.  To me, the vocals are a mere thematic flavoring for the visuals.

But this video has everything in it.  It has comedy.  It has romance.  It has fantasy.  It is a shaggy dog story.  It has nostalgia.  It is optimistic.  It is lush and vibrant.  It has do-wop.  It is beautiful to look at.  It is rococo.  It is art deco.

So enjoy today’s lovely video (that just happens to have a lovely music track).  And don’t get hung up on what they are singing about.  It really doesn’t matter.  It should mean what you want it to mean.



    • Thanks, Wilt! I’m so glad you enjoy them. I hope to post more of them soon. There’s so much great stuff out there. It’s hard to see it all. Or, if you do, it’s hard to get anything else accomplished.

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