Biff Tunes — Gentle Forest Jazz Band

Gentle Forest Jazz Band 001

Imagine, if you will, that Jacques Tati directed a music video of a swing era big band jazz tune.   But instead of the hapless Mr. Hulot as the leading man, we have the wonderful Gentle Kubota as the leader of the band.

You are about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of mind and of sight, but of sound.  A very big sound.  A journey into a wondrous land of imagination and virtuoso instrumentality.  Next stop, the Gentle Forest Jazz Band!

If you need a smile and want to feel good for five minutes and seven seconds, then this is the music video for you.

If you want your optimism restored about the direction music is taking in parts of the world, then this is the video for you.

It is a feast for at least three of your five senses.

Sit back and enjoy.

And for gosh sakes, go check out some of their other videos as well!




  1. You weren’t wrong, Biff! I will definitely look for more of their stuff. So upbeat and sunny. Music is, as they say, sorcery. You made me do some exploring in the jazz genre from your past musical posts. Great stuff. It’s great to go outside the comfort zone and try new stuff. You are right about the music industry. There ARE gems out there, but until one is retired with time on your hands, who has the time? My teen son loves Ennio Morricone – go figure. He wants to go into film studies, which is super cool.


    • Thank you, Linda! I gave Pink Martini’s “Tuca Tuca” a listen. Very nice! I love sharing music between people. There are some real treasures out there, though one would never know it listening to the 20 or 30 songs that the music industry play over and over and over.

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