Biff Rambles On About … Extra-Horse-ular Activity (EHA), Wheedling the Garden, and Sucking at Comments

Biff Hiking #4

Ask any cowboy what to do after falling off a horse, and, once he stops laughing at you and pointing, he will tell you that you need to get right back up on that sucker.

And be careful not to sit on your own spurs in the process.

Well, I have fallen off the ol’ writing horse.   Again.

And I’m trying to get back up on it with a minimum of laughter and pointing.

However, as a humor writer, I don’t mind the laughter so much.

Anyway, here I am again for another run at this blogging thing.  My attempts over the past few weeks have not been particularly successful.  But this time I have an excuse.  I had to make an emergency flight up to the Great White North to visit an elderly family member who had to have an emergency operation.  The operation was largely successful, but there have been a few post-operative complications, so your thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated.

Resistance Is Fertile

But now I am back in the Big-D (as we Dallasites affectionately call Dallas).  It is, at the moment, doing its own impersonation of the Great White North.  It has been on the cold side for the past few days.  Today did not even get above freezing.  But by the weekend it will be 75 and sunny (24 C).

Therefore, I expect a bumper crop of dandelions, thistle, and crabgrass by Saturday afternoon, because that’s how things work here in Dallas.  One day it is a frozen, desolate wasteland of muted earth-tones, and the next day we are neck deep in fecundity (but not the good kind).

Take care not to step in the fecundity.  It is very hard to scrape off your shoes.

Perhaps I can try to convince the weeds to wait another week to pop their overly-eager heads up above ground.  I’m just not ready to deal with them just yet.

In A Vacuum, No One Can Hear you Type

I must apologize to everyone who has left me comments over the past two weeks or so.  I have fallen horribly behind on my responding to comments due to the aforementioned travel and intense worrying.  I hope to get all caught up by the weekend.

And it is not that it is a chore.  I love your comments and I love responding to them.  Your comments quite literally fuel my motivation and my desire to write.  After all, writing in a vacuum is no fun.  I tried it once, but had to give it up after about a minute due to feelings of extreme light-headed-ness.

Fun Fact:  The only writer to successfully write in a vacuum chamber was Sylvia Plath.


I hope you all have a wonderful week!

I’m looking forward to getting back into my old rhythm and getting to spend lots more time with you all.





  1. You may notice by the lateness of this comment that you’re not the only one falling behind. I too have done some traveling, but for more benign reasons. Hope the family is doing well.

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    • As you can see from this reply to your reply, that I, too, am woefully behind on all things blogging. I appreciate the comment and look forward to reading of your travels. 🙂

      The family’s doing well, thanks. I hope yours is too!

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  2. thoughts and prayers for your loved one. And welcome back. Even your most mundane posts are still enjoyable. Catch up when you can. The blogosphere is a better place with Biff in it

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    • Thank you, Billy! You are too kind, though I appreciate it very much.

      We all contribute to the blogosphere in our own unique ways, and it is the conversation between us all that makes it a better place.


  3. Biff, glad to hear from you! I was thinking that you had struck oil on your big Dallas spread, or gotten a movie deal… I’m working on writing post-it note dramas for my co-workers. Pick yer dang stuff up! Wanted, one screwgun. Battery is very lonely… melodramatic work order requests, and stuff like that….

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    • Thank you, Eric! It’s good to be back. But I’m not going to lie … I’d rather I struck oil or got a movie deal.

      And I loved the concept of post-it note dramas! Definitely made me laugh out loud. As you know, I love office humor. I have a whole “tag” devoted to it. Thanks for the smile!


  4. Whenever I get stressed out about blogging, my inner voice, which is for some reason a Victorian-era London gentleman wearing a fetching dinner suit, a top hat and swizzling a gold-topped cane around, says to me “One should not experience any negativity of emotion in not doing that to which you cannot presently attend because you are already attending to that which you have decided to attend to. ”
    I have no idea what he’s saying really.


  5. Whenever I get stressed out about blog productivity, my inner voice, which for some reason is a surfer dude, says, “Hey, it’s just a blog, man.” Take care of the important things and we’ll all still be here when you come back.


  6. Thank goodness you’re back – I was relieved as soon as I saw Bif Rambles…in my ‘letter box’. Don’t worry, absolutely nothing has been happening while you were away and we didn’t have any weather.


    • Thank you, Bro! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things. I’m really looking forward to catching up on your awesome cartoons!

      And thank you for the positive thoughts for my relative. I hope they are out of the woods soon.

      Enjoy your week!


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