The Sunday Morning Report

man drinking Coffee 02

It is a quiet Sunday morning here in Biffville (population:  somnolent).

I know that this will not last.  Soon Pandora will begin rummaging through her box to see what she can release on an unsuspecting household.

“Oh, this looks nice!” she will say, pulling out a particularly stylish-looking piece of pandemonium and holding up to assess its potential.  “Yes, I think this will do quite nicely.”

And the next thing you know, my peaceful, serene Sunday morning will become a frantic bit of slapstick chaos that would have felt quite at home on a Vaudeville stage.

But that is okay.  Such is life.  And, in fact, arguably, it is things like that which actually let us know we are alive.  If we let our lives become too serene and too sedate and peaceful, we can begin to question the very nature of reality and if we are, in actuality, alive or merely a part of some sort of computer simulation.

Best Served Cold

Dallas experienced its first real bout of cold weather over the past 36 hours or so.  Friday was all sunshine and warm weather and smiles.  We were frolicking about in 70 degree weather (21 C) and sunshine and singing “Walking On Sunshine”.  And then, suddenly, Mother Nature said, “izzat so?” and rolled up her sleeves, reared back, and delivered a roundhouse punch that left us dazed and confused, and knocked us out cold.

The winds kicked up to about 35 MPH (30 knots) and the temperatures plunged down to about freezing.  The winds eventually subsided to about 14 MPH (12 knots), but the temperatures fell to about 19 (-7 C).

I know all of these things may be laughably mild to people north of the Mason-Dixon line, but down here in the land of 100-degree summers (38 C) it can come as quite a shock to the system.

On the plus side, such a cold snap always causes the Starbucks stock price to shoot up about 20 points as people rush out to buy overpriced hot beverages.  If Starbucks were to add fireplaces to their decor, they would have people packed into their stores as if they were Tokyo commuter trains.

Let’s Roll the Tape

Those of you who have been reading my blog for the past two years (ha ha ha!), may remember that I made a rash NYE resolution a year or two ago about cleaning out my attic.

I promised myself, while placing my hand on a stack of old Archie comics, that I would venture up into my attic and pull out a random box about once a month or so, go through it, and throw out most of its contents.

To date I have done that about … oh …. approximately …. zero times.

But I figured it is never too late to put a rash NYE resolution into practice, so yesterday I ventured up into the attic, exhumed a random box (the one that looked least likely to cause an avalanche if I removed it from the stack), and took it into my office to examine.

This turned out to be a bad choice, for it was full of old cassette tapes from the 1980s.

maxell audio tape 002

I did actually eventually go through the box, but but not before I rummaged around and found my old CD/cassette/radio boom box, dusted it off, and began listening to said tapes.

I may write a blog post or two about this in the near future, but my point is that this is exactly why I don’t like going through boxes in the attic.  Far from creating space in the attic, and decluttering my life, it ends up accomplishing nothing except soaking up hours and hours of a day.

I will claim a minor victory, though.  I did throw away a few things (e.g. empty cassette shells) and I set aside a good quantity of pre-recorded commercial tapes that either mean nothing to me, or that I have on CD, to take to Half-Price Books to sell.  I know I will only get about a nickel a ton for them, but it prevents the guilt I would feel if I were to just throw them away.

And, to set your minds at ease (for I know you are worried about this), I’m keeping all the tapes I recorded myself from vinyl albums.

So the takeaway to this tale is:  Don’t go through boxes in your attic unless you have an afternoon to kill.   There will also be collateral damage in that it will also kill your sense of motivation and accomplishment.

In Conclusion ….

I suppose this post has gone on long enough.  No one likes reading long posts.  I don’t even like re-reading my own long posts!  I can imagine the disinterest it would inspire in someone who is not me.

So let me put an end to this long, rambling post, which, in retrospect, I probably should have written as a “Biff Rambles On …” post.  But it’s too late now).

The pen, having writ, gets bored and begins watching old Pink Panther cartoons on YouTube.


I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday, and that you can enjoy the remains of the weekend to the fullest!




  1. Our attic is also a blessing and a curse. The main problem with it is that it’s much too cold to work in during the winter months (I can see my breath in the air) and overly hot in the summer months (you can feel the temperature change as soon as you hit the top three steps on the way up). But wintertime is when I want to sort through things to clear them out, so I put on as many clothing layers as I can and go up only long enough to get something accomplished, or I race up, grab a couple boxes, and take them down to the main floors to look through. It’s a lot more physical effort that I’d prefer—because zero physical effort is really what I’m aiming for—but at least something gets done.

    Once again, you’ve inspired me to get back on track with the decluttering. I struggle with getting rid of things like cassette tapes that used to hold sentimental meaning for me, even though the last tape player we owned gave up the ghost two years ago. I can’t complain; it was a Fisher-Price dual microphone thingie that our oldest got for his second birthday and he’s now twenty-five. That thing was built to last.

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    • I have exactly the same problem! Too hot up there in the summer, and too cold in the winter. And during the other 2 weeks of the year I’m just to tired and uninterested to think about it. 😀

      And, yes, let’s keep inspiring each other. We may get this knocked out yet!

      That Fisher-Price thingie may be a collector’s item by now. 🙂

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  2. We’re having a table top sale here soon. The idea is that everyone empties out their attic, puts the contents on a table in the community hall, and then goes round the hall buying stuff from other peoples’s attics in a big attic stuff swap. I have an assortment of stuff that we haven’t needed in the last ten years so probably don’t at all, and I’m hoping there’s no books – my weak spot….

    Liked by 1 person

    • What a great idea! I wish we had something like that around here. Our only option is to have a garage sale, but those are usually not worth all the effort it takes to have one.

      And books are my weak spot, too. I have about 800 of them I need to get rid of, but I break out in a cold sweat every time I start going through them to get rid of some of them.

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  3. The winds kicked up to about 35 MPH (30 knots) and the temperatures plunged down to about freezing. The winds eventually subsided to about 14 MPH (12 knots), but the temperatures fell to about 19 (-7 C).

    THAT was the party line I was referring to. So concise!

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  4. <>

    My next party line!

    You are so lucky to have an attic in which to store stuff (don’t tell the missus). Sure, I guess it is a blessing not to have one, but I had thousands of such cassette tapes (now about 15). I have a van so old it has a factory cassette deck!

    BTW Biff I sent you a friendly missive (asking for your CC and banking info only) to your Contact Biff. Possibly it is languishing in Spamville?

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    • I’m not sure if having an attic is a blessing or a curse. It’s a blessing when I’m putting stuff into it, but it’s a curse when I have to take stuff out of it. Too bad my attic isn’t just a portal to another dimension. That’d be a great way to get rid of stuff!

      Funny you should mention your factory cassette deck. I was actually on eBay not too many months ago looking for a vintage in-dash AM/FM/cassette deck to put into my old truck (now, sadly, defunct). I loved those old in-dash decks from the late 70s with the built-in graphic equalizers and all the lights and knobs and stuff. And they sounded great, too!

      I’ll check my spam folder. My email account seems to have a hair trigger when it comes to shunting things away to the spam folder.


  5. Great post. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Should’ve been tilted “The Wisdom of An Attic Diver”! Considering it made me think twice, before putting my attic goggles on, and diving into the deep end of one of the forgotten boxes. 😊

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    • Thanks, Kat! I may title a future blog post that. I am certainly not done cleaning out my attic. I still have another hundred boxes or so to go through. 🙂

      And I always wear protective gear when I go into the attic. Gloves and longs sleeves to prevent spider bites. A hard hat to keep from standing up and driving a roofing nail into my skull. Etc etc. Going into the attic is not for the faint of heart!

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  6. There are so many comments I could make based on the fact that I have about a foot and a half of snow out there that I didn’t have last night. Still snowing with intermittent sleet, just for variety. I could say all of that but I won’t. I’ll leave you with this. One of our local-ish Starbucks DOES have a fireplace. It works, too. Almost makes up for the stuff going on outside. Yeah, I knew that was a big fat lie even while I was typing it.

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    • One of the beauties of snow here in Dallas is that we get the beautiful visual with none of the long-term effects. We might get 2 inches of snow overnight, and it’s so beautiful to wake up to, but it is generally gone by noon.

      And I would practically live at a Starbucks with a fireplace. Except in the summer, of course. Then they would have to turn on the air conditioner. Or, if they were feeling decadent, they could run the fireplace and the air conditioner at the same time!

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