Why Weekends Say “Meep Meep!”

wile e coyote with help sign 001

A depressingly high percentage of my posts talk about how short weekends are compared to an equal number of week days.

Monday and Tuesday ooze by as slowly as a slime monster in a 1950s monster movie.

Saturday and Sunday, on the other hand, zip by like the Roadrunner in the old Wile E. Coyote cartoons from my youth.

I play the part of Wile E. Coyote who whips out a small “Help!” sign as the Rube Goldberg contraption he’d ordered from Acme, built, and set into motion just as he saw the cloud of dust representing the Roadrunner appear on the horizon, reacts too slowly to catch the speedy Roadrunner and instead (almost literally) blows up in Wile’s face.

Some of you are no doubt asking, “But Biff, can we learn to write long, rambling run-on sentences like the one you just wrote up there?”


Yes you can.

But that is a blog post for another day.

No, today I’m here to tell you that this weekend went by so fast that a Rube Goldberg contraption is about to blow up in my face.



  1. I worked a 4 day week, 2 day shift, 2 night @12 hours, 4 days off, a nightmare really. One day of the four off is basically a turnaround day to rotate you back into ‘normal’ time. My life is relatively sedate now compared to that.

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    • Ugh! That really does sound like a nightmare. I am very much a creature of habit. I don’t like my routines messed up. I’m one of those people that do the same things at the same times every day. If any of that gets out of whack, I get very grouchy (not to mention disoriented).

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  2. I watched a movie the other evening in which a Rube Goldberg contraption was accidently set off inadvertently keeping an over protective woman from firing a point blank shot into a bad guy’s face. The bad guy ended up offing himself soon after, so tsk tsk there.

    In a way, this device blew up in this lady’s face too, because her intention of doing something she would have regretted later, blew clean away…and got replaced by pictures of her children held by clothes pins. There might have been dominos, empty soup cans, wheels and bicycle chains too.

    Now…you probably don’t give a flippy-dippy about further details about this movie, except for maybe one.

    Fine. It WAS a weekend!

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  3. I do have a cure for your Meep-Meep weekends! I use it every other week, and it works e-ve-ry time! It does have a mild downside, you have to go to the office and work, but you’d be surprised how Saturday and Sunday start tretching the minute you get to the job! LOL

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    • Ha ha! Thanks for trick on how to slow down the weekends, Sis! I’ll have to try that some time. Or not.

      I could probably actually get a lot more work done on the weekends, though, if no one else was there. Most of my frustrations at work all have to do with other people. Ha ha!


    • I agree! I worked 4 day weeks for a brief spell and I loved it. But eventually I was getting so many phone calls from work on Fridays that I determined I might as well just go into work.


  4. My weekends go by too fast, especially since my weeks are spent away from home. I treasure the weekends even more because of that, and hate that time flies away from me. But Ken and I got a lot done, and spent some quality time together before tomorrow’s train ride:-)

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    • Glad you got a lot done and got to spend some quality time together. ๐Ÿ™‚ And, yes, weekends do go by way to fast. I know now that on Friday night I need to hold on tight, because it’s a fast ride! Loosen your grip for even a second and you’ll get thrown off the thing!

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