Lesions of the Fall

bike accident 002 (2)

Once, when I was just a lad, I fell off my bike.

Much of the help I received in the immediate aftermath of my fall was in the form of verbal communiques from my friends and consisted of such helpful comments as, “Good one, Doof!“, and “Good thing the ground broke your fall!“, and the always popular, “I hope you didn’t crack that concrete with your head!

One’s peers are notoriously poor sources of sympathy and good advice.

But when I related the incident to adults, I always got this old chestnut:

If you fall off your bike, you should get right back up on it again.

The logic behind this statement is that, if you get right back up on your bike, you will prevent cyclophobia and/or tropophobia from setting in.

I think the same is true of writing.

If you fall (or are pushed) off  of the “bicycle of writing”, you should get right up, dust yourself off, bandage up any contusions, shake off your concussion, and get right back up on that sucker.

If you don’t, self-doubt and fear will prevent you from writing again.  Add to that lethargy, laziness, and apathy.  Isn’t it amazing all the different kinds of neuroses that writing can inspire in a person?

Anyway, I fell off the “bicycle of writing” a week ago and have gone a whole week not writing.  And, truthfully, I probably could have gone another week without writing anything.  And then a month would have gone by.  Then a year.

This would have all culminated in me forgetting the password to my blog and thus having to start another one, but with a lot less enthusiasm.


Here I am.

Good thing this blog broke my fall.







  1. I”m happy you came back after a break. It’s easy to let self-doubt stop you, but your blog, just like a bicycle, has a really good balance. I enjoy the thoughts on work, writing, weekends and the stories you write so well. Try not to doubt yourself, you are popping wheelies with your blog!


  2. Glad that you are back, Biff – I missed your easy humour and warm presence. Stick around so we can soak up the writerly vibes and power tool acumen. I want that sander back. What are you even using it for?


  3. When I was a kid I once took a fall from my bicycle because the frame separated into two pieces. I don’t think I’ve ever broken the blog that badly, but flat tires, bent rims, and the chain falling off does seem to happen all too often. At least I don’t get bloody elbows if the laptop doesn’t cooperate.

    Well done on once again pumping up the tires and taking it for a ride.

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    • Thank you! I do enjoy blogging very much. It’s just that sometimes I feel like Old Mother Hubbard checking the cupboard and finding nothing there … not even an old bone. Hope my blog fares better than her dog did. 😀

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    • I wish I had that much discipline! I’m afraid everyone in my family might have perished from starvation if they waited for me to finish writing something. Sometimes there are days at a time when I cannot get a single word down on the page.

      And stop setting the bar so high for the rest of us. A good writer AND a good cook? Come on!

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