Biff’s Top Ten Posts from 2018


Per my WordPress stats page, below are my top ten blog posts of 2018 based on views.

Below the list are my comments on these posts.

Biff’s Top Ten Posts

#10 — This Blog is on Fire

#9 — Blogged Like a Rented Mule

#8 — Time Travel for Rank Amateurs

#7 — It’s As Easy As Writing a Bike

#6 — Biff’s Weekly Top Five, Jan 12 2018

#5 — Biff’s Weekly Top Five, Feb 17 2018

#4 — Signs That You Watch Too Much Star Trek

#3 — Hot-Weather Tips for Visitors to Texas

#2 — Haircut Roulette

#1 — Terry Kath — One of the Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time


My Comments

I was rather surprised at what made the list and what didn’t.  Most of what is on this list were posts that I considered “throw-away” posts.  Some of them were actually attempts at overcoming writers block.  It just goes to show you:  if you don’t know what to write, just start writing.  Something may come of it.

I am particularly surprised that my #1 post of all time was me gushing over a guitar solo by Terry Kath, who was the guitarist for Chicago.  My posts about music rarely even move the needle, let alone break into the top ten, but for some reason this post has resonated with a lot of readers.  My next most popular musical post comes in at #25.

I was equally surprised at what did NOT make the list.  Not a single Alistair and Alexis story broke the top ten.  You have to go all the way down to #14 to find an A&A post.

Likewise, none of my “Biff Rambles On …” posts made the top ten.  One has to go all the way down to #15 to find one of those.

Neither did any of my “Biff’s World” cartoons make the list.  You have to go all the way down to #20 for that.

I guess my take-away from all this is that the things I enjoy writing are not the same things that people enjoy reading.  Likewise, the things I struggle to write or that I wrote to keep the ol’ writing muscles in shape are the very things that people enjoy reading the most.   I’m not sure what to make of that.

But the true, main take-away from all this is that I am very grateful and thankful for all of you who have read my blog over the past two years.  It’s hard to believe that it was almost exactly this time two years ago that I was starting this blog.  At that time I never could have imagined that I would meet so many wonderful people on here and that people would end up actually reading my blog.

So, thank you all very much!

Here’s hoping that 2019 is even better for all of us!


  1. But your A & A series is sublime! I would give my right arm to be able to express myself with such flair, élan and humour. As it is, my right arm is quite safe (and so is my left one, for that matter), since writing of such calibre is entirely beyond me. But at least I can appreciate, and delight in, your fabulous talent. I’m sure your book(s) will be a roaring success!

    I must apologise for seeming to ignore your kind comment on my latest verse, but I did not overlook it. I tried to approve (and, subsequently, reply to) the comment but, for some unfathomable reason, was repeatedly thwarted – no idea why.

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    • Thank you again, Anna! I’m so glad you enjoy them. And you express yourself equally well. We just have our own unique styles based on a million different factors (how and where we were raised, what we read, where we’ve been, our experiences, etc.) There is really no way to compare one writer to another. It is definitely like comparing apples to oranges!

      And I understand about WP acting up. It does that to me sometimes.

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  2. I killed my Bryntin Project blog after getting all het up about the stats… but it was soon apparent to me that writing for my pleasure was better than writing to try making the stats ‘better’. So I just do whatever I like on the new one, it kind of works for me and now I can laugh about the numbers that everyone frets over and use that as part of the joke.
    Do your thing, have fun, the readers come and go according to their own days, lives and whims anyway.


  3. I enjoy all of it Biff. Especially the A &A. I wrote a few pieces in the Mike Valentine saga that got little readership and I thought it was some of my better stuff. Write what you want, your re also fans will read it

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  4. Your blog is great! Keep writing, and don’t worry about stats. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to who reads and likes what in the blogging world. Or maybe there is, I have no idea myself. Anyway happy new year!

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    • Thank you, Anne. 🙂 I shall try to ignore the stats going forward. I suppose these stats to us writers are kind of like laughter to a stand-up comedian. If no one’s laughing, we wonder what we’re doing wrong. However, in the case of writing (and WP stats in particular), feedback is a luxury that we don’t often get to indulge in.

      That is why I very much appreciate all of your wonderful feedback!

      Happy New Year to you too!

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      • I know! I can pour my heart out into a story, and I might get one like or one comment. But if I post a picture of a chipmunk, people pay attention.

        The moral to the story, always add a picture of a critter to your story! 🐿

        I also have noticed that when I write about blogging, people are interested. I guess everyone is trying to figure out the secret to successful blogging.

        (It’s all about critters)….

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  5. Dear Biff (Bibibibibibibibibibibbibibibbibibibibibibibbibibibibibibibibibibibiibibibibibibibibibibibibibibbibibibbibibibibibibibbibibibibibibibibibibibiibibibibibibibibibibibibibibbibibibbibibibibibibibbibibibibibibibibibibibiibibibibibibibibibibibibibibbibibibbibibibibibibibbibibibibibibibibibibibiibibibibibibibibibibibibibibbibibibbibibibibibibibbibibibibibibibibibibibiibibibibibibibibibibibibibibbibibibbibibibibibibibbibibibibibibibibibibibiibibibibibibibibibibibibibibbibibibbibibibibibibibbibibibibibibibibibibibiibibibibi – okay, a colleague just told me that this was annoying…)

    First and foremost, Happy New Year! For 2019, I wish you health (because we all know you men can’t handle a cold without acting as if you were going to die :P) happiness, inspiration, a big bag of these words nobody else uses (and you do it so well!!) and an editor for A&A!

    And if the numbers in the above post change anything to your blogging, I swear to God I’ll tell Mom, and she’ll confiscate these stats from you!! You’ve been warned 😛

    Love ya! xx

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    • I just laughed out loud imagining you annoying your colleagues with your “Biff song”. Thank you so much for that image. 🙂

      Happy New Year to you, too, Sis! Thank you for the wish for good health. Remind me to tell you about the time I went to the emergency room with a very slight hangnail (that turned out later to be a freckle).

      I wish you all the same: great health, happiness, prosperity, peace, serenity, loads of inspiration, and a free all-expenses-paid trip to Denmark!

      I have no plans to change what I’m writing for my blog. Mostly because I wouldn’t know how. If I haven’t written about something else by now, it’s because I don’t know anything about that thing. So, what you’ve seen is what you’ll continue to get. 🙂

      (And are you saying I need an editor for A&A?) 😉

      Love ya, too!


  6. Don’t take the stats too much to heart. I’m a little surprised that any A & A piece made the top 20, and more surprised that no Biff Rambles On scored higher. So much is a matter of individual taste.

    It might also have something to do with Google. Maybe it isn’t your home page that comes up first when people search for you. I have a post about Passchedaele that has been top three the past three years (#! in 2018). I can’t believe it is that popular on its own – must be the search engine.

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    • Thanks, Lorne. I really am going to try and ignore the stats more in 2019. I tend to get to wrapped up in them and take them as some sort of infallible metric that what I’m writing is (or isn’t) working. But as you say, so much of it is due to the whims of the search engine, day of the week, phase of the moon, etc.

      Happy New Year!


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