On the 13th Day of Christmas …


After what seems like months of intensive, frantic preparatory activity, Christmas is suddenly over.

And, as with most gluttonous, rampant orgies of overindulgence, a person becomes quite philosophic and introspective when they are over.

I suppose it is similar to going on a drinking binge and, upon awakening with a rip-roaring hangover in a remote field next to a goat , says to one’s self, “Never again!”

But we know we are lying as soon we say it.  We know that in approximately 11 months, we will repeat the process … and with gusto.  We will, with open arms and open hearts, embrace the orgiastic excesses of the season again.

And why shouldn’t we?  Where else in our lives do we allow ourselves, with such abandon, to immerse ourselves so completely in something so joyful?  With the exception of possibly overextending ourselves financially, or maybe drinking a little too much at a Christmas get-together, or perhaps becoming a bit exhausted at all of the activity, what harm is there in throwing ourselves into an annual celebration of joy and of goodwill towards our fellow humans?

And now it is time to turn our attentions towards the New Year, to make promises to ourselves that we will do better next year at whatever it is we felt did not live up to our expectations this year.

Even though it may be a little white lie we tell ourselves, there is no harm in it.


    • I’m sorry to hear that, Brother. I’d get you a new one if I could. I try to find joy wherever I can find it, but I understand that sometimes it is very hard to find. But here’s hoping you have a much better new year. I’m pulling for you!

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  1. Ooh, christmas is not over yet here! We’re still only half way through the James Bond films, haven’t finished the chocolates (although the cider is getting depleted) and I’m still catching up on a backlog of WP posts. 3rd of Jan today and still three days of christmas left!

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  2. Biff! (slaps Biff heartily on back, who then swallows his cigar) A beauty of a post, as we say up here, Biff. No one could say it better.

    “generally flat and featureless and not very picturesque”
    Otherwise known as middle age.(in gameshow announcer voice) Or you could upgrade to a more youthful much lusher landscape, Biff. Like this ACREAGE IN MONTANA! That’s Man Country for you young ‘uns.

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    • * cough! cough!*

      Good thing that was a cherry flavored cigarillo! Otherwise it would have tasted gross.

      And you’re right about that middle-age landscape thing. I am at the age where my life is like driving through Kansas (the flat part). Nothing but hundreds and hundreds of miles of corn fields. Hey! Come to think of it, that is pretty much what my blog is …. a long, uninterrupted flow of corn.

      So yeah … I’ll definitely upgrade to Montana. 🙂

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  3. Have a healthy, happy and peaceful New Year – or maybe you are too young for ‘peaceful’ … At my age, a tranquil life is all I want – that and plenty of walks in our beautiful Lake District (which boasts not only beguiling lakes but also spectacular mountains and which, last year, became a World Heritage Site), where my husband and I are most fortunate to live.

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    • Thank you, Anna! I hope you have a happy and peaceful New Year, too!

      And I agree with you 100%. I have reached the age where all I want is tranquility and serenity. I prefer to stay far away from “excitement” and adventure.

      Where you live sounds lovely. I’m sure I could find tranquility very easily if surrounded by mountains and lakes and forest. Unfortunately, the area around Dallas is generally flat and featureless and not very picturesque. Perhaps, in addition to retiring, I should think about moving. 🙂

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    • Hi Lorne!

      There’s no doubt that some people miss the true meaning of Christmas amid all of the rampant consumerism. However, those people probably would have missed (or been unaware of) the true meaning of Christmas, anyway.

      I was mostly talking about those people (like me) who just get caught up in the frenetic activity (of which shopping is a relatively small part) and end up over-extending ourselves or not getting to all of the things we have planned. It mostly comes down to the fact that, though my heart is in the right place, I am generally a very poor planner and don’t have very good time-management skills. 🙂

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