An Ill Wind Bloweth (… so Pass the Tissues)

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It rarely fails.

Just about the time we begin to feel in fine fettle and are walking with a spring in our step, some tiny little microbe comes along, kicks sand in our face, lays a whoopin’ on us, and then takes our girl.

I have been feeling pretty good the past few days.  Not “I’m on top o’ the world, Ma!” good, but pretty decent.  My energy level was pretty high.  I was looking forward to all of the frenetic activity associated with getting ready for the Christmas season.

But I knew as soon as I bubbled up to consciousness this morning that things had taken a turn for the worse.   Every time I swallowed it felt like being stabbed in the throat with a homemade shiv made out of broken glass.

I tried to convince myself that it was just allergies.  It happens sometimes.  Generally a hot shower and some hot coffee will make a sore throat caused by allergies just go away.

But this one has stuck with me all day long and has resisted a hot shower, multiple cups of hot coffee, chicken soup, peppermint candies, and all of my other go-to remedies.

So I now know I am destined to suffer 7 to 10 days of some sort of abject misery, the exact nature of which won’t be revealed to me until Wednesday or Thursday.

The worst part of it is that I had strategically planned out my vacation/sick days at work so I could take off at the end of this week for the rest of the year.  Now I may have to use some of my sick days by actually being sick, which means I will have to go into work next week to make up the days.

On the other hand, if this is the largest problem in my life that I have to deal with, then I lead a pretty charmed life.

Now … what sort of wine goes best with chicken soup?





  1. Why you girl’s blouse you, Biff! Banging on about the weather, and now this! Clearly, you need to be extracted from down there and shipped up here. We’ll see how fine your fettles do.

    Heh just a bit of Canadian aggro, still love ya, Biff.

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    • As much as I would love to visit Canada, I’m not sure I’d last more than about 30 or 45 seconds up there in the winter time. My hands turn blue when the temperature drops down to about 10 C. And below 0 C, my fettles have been known to just fall right off.

      Love you too, Bro! But in an arm-punching, foot-shuffling kind of way.

      Hey, how ’bout dem Bears, eh?

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  2. Pinot Noir… Pinot Noir is the best with anything! Kraft Dinner, hot dogs, nachos…. You name the occasion, Pinot Noir is the answer!

    Take care Biff!! I’ll send extra warm thoughts down South so you get well soon!! xx

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    • Hot dogs and Pinot Noir. I think there’s an A&A story in there somewhere. Ha ha!

      Thank you for the warm thoughts! I can certainly use them. A norther is blowing through as we speak. I don’t suppose you sent it down here as an early Christmas present did you? 😉


    • Thank you!

      NyQuil is always my drink of choice when I have a cold. I don’t know if it helps the cold or not, but it knocks me out until it’s over. It’s sort of like green, syrupy mentholated time travel in a bottle.

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