The Weekend So Far …

Man In Dirty House

Welcome to my weekly state-of-the-weekend Report (SOTWR).

It is Sunday morning and that means that the weekend is nearly over.

Sunday is the day to lament all of the things you did not do on Saturday.

I mean, let’s face it, it’s too late to do them now.  The day to do them was yesterday and now yesterday is but a memory.  Or, if you have a brain like mine, it’s not even a memory.

What was I talking about?

Oh yes … my weekend to date.

Saturday is the day we think we are going to accomplish every task that was ever on any to-do list ever.  Even lists that are not ours.

On Friday evening we think things like,

Tomorrow is the day that I finally pick up the entire house and move it over seven inches to take full advantage of the shade from the neighbor’s live-oak tree.  And after that I’m going to dig a pool in the back yard using only a spoon and egg-slicer, plaster it up, and have it filled with water by lunchtime.  And then, if I feel up to it, I’m going to completely disassemble my car, etch unique part numbers on every piece, and then put it back together again, secure in the knowledge that if my car ever falls apart like that scene in the Laurel and Hardy movie, I can put it back together again.

But long about Saturday afternoon, when I am looking back over the weekend and tallying up my accomplishments at that point, they consist of the following:

  1. Have watched 75 music videos from the 70s and 80s
  2. Managed to make it out of my pajamas by 10 AM
  3. Have spent no less than 45 minutes discussing with the denizens of chez Biff where we are going to eat for lunch.  Then we eat at the same place we always do.  (Total time for lunch:  2 hours, including The Decision)
  4. Have thought of no less than 5 blog posts to write, but that I completely forget about when I finally manage to sit down in front of the keyboard
  5. Have stood out in the front yard and declared, “Well, it’s too wet to mow.  And the grass hasn’t really grown any from last week anyway.  Plus it’s supposed to be windy tonight and that will totally blow all of these leaves out of here and into my neighbor’s yards (and their leaves into my yard), so I might as well wait until THAT is over.”
  6. Went to the grocery store to pick up a few things.  But not too many things, because Sunday is when we make our real grocery store run.  This is just to get us through Saturday.  End up completely filling up a shopping cart.   Wonder what we will actually end up buying on Sunday.
  7. Was talked into going to Starbucks for just a quick coffee.  Then spend over an hour there discussing how we have too many coffee mugs at home, but that this new one will be totally awesome and will change our lives forever.   Then finally read the label on the bottom and realize it is “hand wash only”, and so it is dead to us.
  8. Back at home, finally decide to sit down and write something, but end up steam-cleaning up the cat’s latest art project off the carpet.
  9. Might as well change the litter box while in cat maintenance mode.
  10. As long as I’m all dusty anyway, I might as well vacuum the carpets.
  11. Is that a cobweb way up there on the light in the entry way?  Might as well get out the ladder and the duster and connect to the web.
  12. As long as I have the ladder out, I might as well replace the burned out bulb in the ceiling fan.
  13. As long as I’m up here on the ladder changing the light bulb, I might as well dust off the fan blades.
  14. Have to re-vacuum the carpet under the fan to clean up all the micro-fiber dust bunnies.
  15. Oh, dang it!  I forgot about the Halloween decorations.  Might as well go out in the front yard pull up all the inflatables and take down all the lights and pick up all the yard ornaments.  Wow … this stuff is really wet.  I’ll spread it out on the floor in the entry way to let it dry before I stuff it back into the boxes.
  16. Cat voices his displeasure at the presence of a large, wet, deflated spider in the entryway by barfing up his entire body-weight all over it.
  17. You know what?  We’ve had this spider for like 8 years.  I think it’s time to just throw it in the trash.  Sure it still works fine and looks good … but … well … it had a good run.  Good bye, old friend.
  18. Wait … what?  How did it get to be 10 PM so quickly?  I want my money back!
  19. But at least it’s the start of DST.  We get an extra hour tonight!  Woo hoo!
  20. Wait.  What?  How did it get to be 10 AM Sunday morning so quickly?  It’s supposed to still be Saturday night.  Why don’t I feel an extra hour rested?
  21. I’ve already seen this Wang Chung video 7 times already.  I think I’ll go outside and see if the yard is still too wet to do anything with.  With any luck, it will be.  Oh cool!   A Glass Tiger video!  I haven’t seen this one in ages.  Just one more ….

I think you can see how the rest of the day is going to go.


Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope time slows down a little for you while there’s still some weekend left.



  1. I know you think you didn’t do much on Saturday but that list is pretty darned long considering it was trucking along rather stream-of-consciousness like. I wish I had completed half of that stuff. We’re in house ‘re-org’ mode so everything is everywhere. Yesterday I think I sorted through a box and put a few books on a shelf. It was windy out so no need to get into a big project since the power would probably go out. I was thinking this mid afternoon. I am so pitiful!

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    • Thanks, Linda! And you’re right. It was a productive weekend. I just didn’t do anything of the things I WANTED to do. Only stuff I needed to do. Still … I’m glad I did them. Doing them was better than not doing them.

      And you’re not pitiful. We are all trying to ration our time as best we can to strike a balance between enjoying life and not letting our houses fall down around our ears.

      Good luck with the “re-org”! I think I’m due for one of those myself.

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  2. At least your Saturday was some-what productive.

    Mine consisted of watching college football from morning to night. In between those watching’s my other football friend called to discuss ways Alabama could win or lose and after they won we delved deep into the possibility that they may never lose. Never mind world hunger we have other priorities to solve.

    Happy Sunday!!!

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    • Alabama will lose someday. Even the Roman Empire eventually fell, which caused an awful lot of people to lose a lot of money on the bets they’d placed on what they thought was a sure thing.

      And there are lots worse ways to spend a Saturday than watching college football! After all, it’s more entertaining than the NFL.


  3. I was prepared for a long weekend of writing, found I had nothing to say and watched Outlander reruns because the new season starts tonight. Ordered takeout for my grandson and I, had indigestion because I never eat out anymore. He left at ten, watched two episodes of Torchwood and slept. At least when the garbage trucks come at 600 a.m. it will be daylight for them. Getting coffee, hope my brain wakes up. When you get tired of chores at your house, I have a few. Enjoy your Sunday! ♡

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    • Hi Cheryl! I try to appreciate my weekends no matter what happens during them. I vary rarely end up doing what I had planned to do. But any weekend day is better than a day at a stressful job.

      And I’ll be right over to get on those chores. 😉


  4. As usual…another cool post! Even though my weekend is going differently than yours, I couldn’t help giving some thought to how it could possibly be going like yours. Personally, I tend to pre-plan most everything, ’cause smooth is my favorite groove, and I don’t mean just musically.The only must have on the weekend for me is, rest. Ok ok ok, there is some binge-watching involved as well.

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  5. Personally, I always save that extra hour of time we get until I really need it. One year, I held on to it until February. It just tickled me to know that everyone else had used their hour up already, and I still had one.

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    • That’s an excellent idea! I should have banked my extra hour I received as a windfall. Then I could have used it when I really needed it. As it is, I squandered it senselessly and now I shall live with that regret until next year when I will receive another hour. Hopefully I’ll be wiser by then. 🙂

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