Biff’s Friday Free-For-All (Admission: 5 Cents)

0 - Man Asleep on Desk

I’m almost afraid to start writing this post, because I don’t have much time and I know I’ll get interrupted before I get it finished and posted.

And I’m one of those people that, if I don’t finish something right then and there, the chances of me coming back to it later and finishing it are practically zero.  It’s just one of my many character flaws that make me who I am.

Today is Friday and that is cause enough for celebration.  But it is also sunny and warm and beautiful outside.  I’m starting to get nervous.  Too many good things in a row almost always means that Fate is setting you up with a giant “kick-me!” sign on your back.  So let’s not say anything else about what good things may be taking place today.  Fate is in a grumpy mood.

It has been a quiet week here.

That is not the same as saying there was nothing to do.  I was quite busy at work this week.  It’s just that nothing momentous occurred.  That is good from a standpoint of nothing bad happening, but not so great in a “having things to write about on my blog” standpoint.

Speaking of my blog …

(How was THAT for a sneaky and self-serving segue?)

You might have noticed that my output has been low lately.  That is because, as I just said, nothing much of interest has happened to me in a while.  One can only write about nothing before so long before one has nothing more to write about on the subject of nothing.

I posted an Alistair and Alexis story last Sunday and another one on Halloween, but readership was extremely low.  I mean like tapping-the-mic-and-saying-is-this-thing-on? low.

In fact, readership has been way down across the board.  I wonder if that is true for WP in general, or if it is just me.

If it is just me, then perhaps I should do something about it.  I could begin to blog about things I know nothing about, like fashion.  Or food.  Or skills that I don’t have, like painting or skiing or cooking.

Or I could go on writing about nothing in particular.


  1. I’ve got an idea: Go for a walk or drive and try to see things you normally look past.

    When we do the same thing ever day those things we see can easily become invisible. Pick something you never noticed before and tell us about it.

    With your imagination and writing talent I can only imagine what you’ll see and write.

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    • Thanks, Bryan! Excellent advice. I do try to take a walk after dinner when the weather permits it. And I love driving.

      Funny thing: I can think of so many things to write about when I’m out walking or driving, but as soon as I get back in front of the keyboard again, everything just evaporates. It must be some sort of psychological block. A fear of being a successful writer, maybe?

      And thanks for the compliment. I appreciate it very much! I enjoy your writing a lot, too.

      (And, just for the record, I’m a pantser.)


  2. Hi Biff. Firstly, I want to say keep writing as it is a pleasure reading you. You already know that I love your Alistair and Alexis series. And for what it’s worth, it is also entertaining to read about the “nothing” part of your life. This phrase made me smile by the way: One can only write about nothing before so long before one has nothing more to write about on the subject of nothing. At any rate, I hope you will write about fashion. I would love to read about how you would choose as a Christmas gift a dress or lingerie for your wife or girl friend? Would you asked the sale lady to try these items before your purchase? I know you can write a funny post about that.


  3. I’ve no idea how many people are reading my blog now (and have pretty much stopped caring – for now at least, can’t say how I’ll feel tomorrow) as can really only go on what comments are left and they’re usually low anyway. As for yours – I see your posts when I’m in the blogosphere, which isn’t as often anymore. Not quite got to grips with your ‘character’ posts yet, but I think that’s more to do with me than you as I suffer from a lot of tiredness.

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  4. Just to put your mind at ease…or to really concern me…I had the sum total of three views on Halloween. THREE…for my whole blog. Meh, I really don’t care if I have a low couple of days…ONE view the day before that. Made up for it with the Guest in Jest posts…58 views today and that’s pretty good for me…I mean US!

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    • Thanks! That does make me feel a little better, though I hate that people aren’t reading your blog either. Maybe things will pick up for both of us soon.

      And thanks for re-posting my A&A story! I had no idea you had done that until I read your comment just now. WP didn’t send me a “pingback” notice. Maybe I don’t have some obscure setting set in the right place. Thank you again for reposting it and I hope it generated some traffic for you. I don’t think my stats have changed much today, but I haven’t really had the chance to monitor them.

      Have a wonderful weekend!

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    • Thanks. 🙂 I’ll keep on writing about nothing, because there’s nothing else in my life interesting enough to write about. “Stick to what you know,” is my motto.

      And I agree 100% about the politics and depression. I have a hard enough time keeping my own spirits lifted most of the time. Reading about politics definitely brings me down! I skip over anything remotely political.

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      • It’s weird how, as a writer of sorts, people close to me are amazed that I can wrest 500 humorous and entertaining words out of, for example, a visit to the bathroom during the night. But that, I suppose, is the skill (and odd wiring) that we writers have.
        Carry on, I probably interrupted your going for a bathroom break.

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