Biff Rambles On About … The Cheap Seats, Wetting my Whistle, and Rooting for the Dolphins

Biff Hiking #4

It has been quite a weekend so far.  And it is only half over.

The weekend began on Friday night with a high school football game (American football, that is).  If you have never gotten to experience a Friday night high school football game in Texas, I highly recommend it.  You will seldom see such pageantry at such a low price anywhere in the world.  In Texas, high school football stadiums can easily rival some NFL stadiums.  Then there are the bands.  The cheer leaders.  The spirit girls.  The enthusiastic (and generally very well behaved) fans.  The fight songs.  The gladiator-like football players.  The snacks.  The cheering.  The spirit wear.

And all for a measly 8 or 10 bucks!   (Excludes snacks and spirit wear.)

Add some inclement weather, and the evening is perfect.  For I believe that football is as its best when it is cold, snowing, or raining.

In our case, it was cool, but not cold.  It was certainly much better football weather at 60 F (16 C) than the previous weeks when it was about 90 F (32 C).  And last night there was a heavy rain, but it mostly cleared up by game time.  It was just drizzle by kickoff and had completely gone away by the end of the first quarter.  And for added amusement, the seats of everyone’s jeans were wet from sitting on wet  bleachers.

But it is all part of the fun.  Just like eating one too many hot dogs.

This morning I awoke to the sound of a pouring rain.  It rained and rained and rained.  It was just like the opening scene of Dr. Seuss’s immortal work, “The Cat In the Hat”.  But in my case, the day was not nearly as exciting as the Dr. Seuss book.  Our cats just slept all day.  It was pretty anticlimactic.  Maybe we need better cats.

According to my rain gauge in the back yard, it rained about 3 inches in about 3 hours before noon.  That is quite a bit of rain!  It was the kind of rain that makes you realize what those giant concrete ditches that are for.  You know:  the ones that are completely empty for 8 or 9 years out of every decade and that are mostly used as skate-boarding parks by teenagers.  But on a day like this they become raging, white-capped rivers.

It was too sloppy a day to get out and do anything, so I concentrated on inside chores.  The one time I did get out to go somewhere, the streets were flooded and had 6 or 8 inches of standing (or flowing) water in many places.   Umbrellas were useless.  Just getting from the car to the door of a business 30 feet away would soak you to the skin, umbrella or no.  And then you were stuck with a sopping wet umbrella you had to carry around with you in the store.

So I just opted to run umbrella-less back and forth to the car.  The effect was about the same.  Umbrellas keep you generally dry while you are actually out in the rain.  But as soon as you get in your car and pull in your umbrella, you dump about a gallon of cold rainwater right in your lap.  Then you don’t know where to store your sopping wet umbrella.  Who needs that kind of hassle?

Other than all that, the day was a total loss in terms of productivity and accomplishment.

But I don’t care.  I love rain and getting to listen to it nearly all day long was a thrill to me.  I don’t even care if it rains so much that they open up dolphin watching boat tours in downtown Dallas.

And, with any luck at all, tomorrow will be just as unproductive as today was.


  1. When I was growing up high-school football was the biggest show in town. We always joked if you wanted to rob our homes that was the night to do it. But that would have been impossible. The robbers were at the game.

    My daughters are not football fans but they realize it is one giant social event and now they don’t miss a game.

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  2. Thanks but no, I’ll take my overpriced under-achieving NHL franchise, Biff. (rebuilding since 1970, Vancouver Canucks) As far as the rainy weather is concerned, allow me to be a condescending d-nozzle and say that you should apportion your rain like we do, so that it stretches from October to July. 3 inches in 3 hours??? Pull the other one, it’s got bells.

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    • I’ve been thinking about starting to follow hockey. I am becoming disillusioned with the NFL. Parity has made for a very boring sport. And then there are the 8 billion commercials crammed into a four hour game (that should only last an hour). After all, we have our very own Dallas Stars that I could follow. But from what I understand, they are in perpetual “rebuilding” mode, too.

      And we’ve gotten even MORE rain since I wrote that. Another 3 inches or so. Time to start building an ark!

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    • Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

      And yes, rain is one of my favorite sounds. I like what you said about the world giving it to us as an excuse to do nothing. I love to just sit and read or write when it’s raining. Rain always makes me feel very creative.

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  3. Storm Callum has dumped plenty of rain on us and I love going out in the rain – especially the bit where you get back indoors for coffee and computer. Alas they had too much rain in Wales this weekend.

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    • Sorry to hear about Wales getting too much rain. Hopefully the skies have cleared up and there wasn’t too much damage.

      As much as I love rain, I think I’ve had enough for awhile. We’ve gotten like 9 inches of rain in the past 2 weeks or so. Everything is saturated!

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  4. Cats are a good pet in inclement weather, they don’t need walking.

    I do wonder why hurricanes are graded in cats though, I notice Florida had a Cat 4 recently.

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