It Oughta Be Autumn

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Good morning, everyone!

I hope your Saturday is off to a terrific start.

It has been a very quiet week here in the bland, faded, featureless, desert-of-vapidity known as the suburbs of Dallas.

Nature is showing signs of wanting to put on her fall wardrobe, but is also so very reluctant to let go of summer.  The sunlight is slanting in at a very autumn angle, making our minds believe that it is actually autumn.  However, it is still very sunny and the temperatures have been hovering around 95 degrees (35 C).

The birds are massing like they want to fly south, but there’s no actual reason for them to since there’s still plenty to eat and it’s not cold.

All the trees are still green, though some of them are starting to lose their leaves, more from summer exhaustion than any anything temperature related.

All the stores are selling pumpkins and scarecrows and little bales of hay and all the other things people like to buy this time of year to give their homes and their yards a very autumn flair, but sales are slow because it is hard to contemplate buying such things while wearing shorts, tank-tops, flip-flops, and Ray-Bans while drinking a frozen slushy.

We are still having to mow our yards every week, as well as trim the hedges and pull up weeds.

Our air conditioners are still running full blast 24 hours a day to keep our homes habitable.



The only signs that it is autumn are:

  1.   It is dark when we get up in the morning to get ready for work or school
  2. The sun is in our eyes everywhere we look because it is so low in the sky
  3. It is only 95 degrees outside instead of 105 degrees
  4. The stores are suddenly selling pumpkin-spiced everything.  And I mean everything!


At any rate, I hope it is autumn where you are and that you are enjoying it to the fullest!



  1. It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, and we had an extraordinarily early two days of snow last week. It’s gone now, but that doesn’t bode well for us to be enjoying a mild winter this year!

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  2. Yes, indeed, on the pumpkin spice everything. And if you haven’t had Bluebell’s new, seasonal, pumpkin spice pecan ice cream, get thee to the grocery store and get some. You’re welcome.

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