Biff’s World — October 6, 2018

Biff's World - 2018-10-06 #1 v2

At every company I’ve ever worked at, there has always been that one project that just seems to go on and on and on in perpetuity.

No one ever really seems to know what the status of it is.  Or even what the purpose of the project is.

The project keeps getting funded because someone somewhere way up the chain seems to think it is “strategically important” to the company.

The managers of the project always give vague answers about its status or its projected completion date.

The people working on it never seem to have a sense of urgency, though if you ask them about it, they will tell you that they are swamped with work and are stressed out.

But I’m just jealous.  I’ve always wanted to be on a project like that, but it is my misfortune to always get assigned to projects that have actual value to the company, as well as clearly defined (if unrealistic) objectives.

Just my luck!





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