The Friday Evening Post


It is finally Friday.

In fact, Friday is nearly over!

Isn’t that typical?  We wait in breathless anticipation all week long of Friday getting here, and then when it finally does get here, it’s gone in the wink of an eye.

Of course, Friday is not all fun and games.  A big chunk of it is taken up by one’s job.  Our employers don’t care that it is Friday.  They want us at our desk, laboring away, making money for The Man.

They want us toting that barge, lifting that bale, monetizing that risk, dollarizing that opportunity, statusing that schedule.

By the time all of that is over, the day is nearly done.  There is barely time to grab a quick bite somewhere, walk through a retail minefield, or two, and then get home before it is time to put on our pajamas and fall exhausted into bed.

It’s just part of the circle of life.

But instead of holding up a young lion cub on the edge of a precipice while animals burst into song, we’re holding up a credit card at the edge of a fast food counter while singing, “Do you take Visa!?”

Life is seldom as dramatic as it is in the movies.


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