Living on Little to No Interest

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Here it is Tuesday night and once again I sit here struggling to think of something to write about.

I really should try to live a more interesting life, just so that I’ll have something to write about.

But, frankly, I’m at a loss as to go about doing that.  How does one set about to live a more interesting life?  It seems like most anything I could do that would be interesting would entail quitting my job.  And that would immediately bring about a different issue.

How does one go about doing interesting things without any money?

Maybe it’s like most things in my life:  I tend to over-think everything.  I end up thinking about things so much that I usually end up not doing anything.  I essentially “think myself out of” doing whatever it is.

And beyond the logistics and costs of taking up some new, interesting thing, there is an even bigger problem.

I don’t know what I’d want to do that is interesting.

I’m not interested in dangerous or extreme sports or activities.  I’m not good at music or art or sculpting.  I don’t know how to build things (carpentry, stone masonry, etc.).  I’m not good at performing (stand-up comedy, inspirational speaking, acting, etc.).

I sometimes wonder if being interesting is just something that some people are born with, like musical ability or blue eyes or manual dexterity.  Can “being interesting” be cultivated and developed?  Or does it just happen, like winning the lottery?

My personal belief is that it is just something you are born with or that some extraordinary event thrusts upon you.

So, as much as I’d like my blog to become more interesting, I’m afraid you are just stuck with posts such as this one.

If something interesting happens, I’ll be sure to tell you.






  1. I’ve never found it difficult to be interesting…. to my cat…. when it’s feeding time. As to my contribution to the blog-sphere, I was just looking up the spelling of a word that’s probably apropos, “soporific”.

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    • Hi Dave! That’s very funny about being interesting to your cat. I quite forgot that I can be interesting to people by bribing them artificially meat-flavored kibble. I’ll have to give that a try in future blog posts.

      Also, your writing is awesome, so “soporific” is definitely not apropos. Try another word that ends in “-rific”.

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      • Thanks, Biff. I suspect that you may think your regular life isn’t interesting because that imaginary one that comes up with the likes of Alistair and Alexis kind of makes the regular day to day one seem, well, day to day. You probably have Uncle Walter to thank for that. What was his last name again? Mitty?

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        • Ah yes … good ol’ Mr. Mitty. It’s funny … when I read that story in high school I remember thinking, “Why would someone allow that to happen to their life?” And then, somehow, several decades later … BOOM! I was Walter Mitty.

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  2. There’s your problem. Expecting to be interesting on a Tuesday night.
    Try it on a Friday instead. Whoa Nelly, that’s a different thing already. Apparently.


  3. Biff

    Tuesday night and you want to think? You’re a brave man, Biff Brown. And if we had interesting lives would we even have time to blog? But paradoxically, people seem to be able to do both.

    Comes with age, as we can forecast all possible outcomes, and hence, do nothing, or NOWT as my lazy English relies will say.

    THINKING yourself out of things. I do that all the time – you are not alone, my friend.

    “ My personal belief is that it is just something you are born with or that some extraordinary event thrusts upon you.” I believe that, too. It is genetics largely, though it seems one inherits the crap attributes rather than the desirable ones. Crap: turning your eyelid inside out. Desirable: compose concertos by age 4.

    Good post, sir.


  4. You made me laugh. I pretty much suffer from everything you are dealing with. We are twins in life. AT LEAST YOU WRITE SOMETHING. I write. delete. write nothing. think. overthink for so long.. then give up all together.


  5. Being interesting will often leave you isolated unless if you are envied as well.

    Living in a van is becoming trendy. If you smuggle drugs with it then it will be really interesting.


  6. I had a recent follower whose blog focuses on overthinking things. Without something immediately topical coming to mind, I wittily replied : sometimes I sit and think. And sometimes I just sit. ( and wouldn’t you know, I was asked – WHAT do I sit and THINK about! ) I had better take more notes on these lessons from you, my friend!

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    • Hi NotDonner! LTNS!

      I remember that poster from my youth and have even quoted it many times throughout my life. But, if I’d been asked what your follower asked you, I’d be hard pressed to answer. I’m often appalled to find out that I was sitting and thinking absolutely nothing. Apparently that is a “gift” that men were given … the ability to think nothing at all. But as a writer, sometimes it is more of a curse than a blessing.

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      • I can apparently sit for hours in mindlessness – and not just in status meetings! I have been struggling lately with drivel that never quite clears the “Draft” basket of my blog…


  7. Talent is nothing without the hard work of crafting it to the level of greatness.
    Interesting can be cultivated. Start with the things you like to talk to others about, work from there. Do you like talking about movies? ever thought about creating a movie? would you be the writer, the director, the [you name it]?
    That’s where interesting begins, but you must follow the path – and it doesn’t always involve more money, or quitting your job, just being interested.

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