One Flu Under the Bluejay’s Nest


man with flu #01c.jpg

Okay, I think I’ve mustered up enough strength to give this a try.

It has been five days since I last blogged.  It is always amazing to me how easy it is to get out of the habit of blogging … and how quickly it takes me to stop missing it.

In my defense, I’ve been sick, so it may not have been so much that I stopped missing writing, as it was that I just lacked the energy and coherence it took to do it.

But my summertime cold has nearly run its course and I think enough energy has returned to my enfeebled body to allow me to try and take on this keyboard that has been mocking me for the past week.

The jury is still out on whether or not my coherence will ever find its way back home.

In retrospect, I’m not sure that what I had wasn’t a flu.  A cold is usually no more than a mild annoyance that slows me down slightly.  A cold may cause me to bend, but not to break.  But this … this …. whatever it was … has created gaps in my memory of the past week due to long periods of unconsciousness.

Much as been written on the relative undesirability of a summer flu versus a winter flu. I have had both and I think a summer flu may be slightly more desirable due merely to the fact that, when shivering with chills, walking outside into 102 degree heat (39 C) will warm you right up.  I may have even fallen asleep in one of the outdoor chairs on my patio, which is simply unthinkable in Texas in August.  Not even the godawful screeching of the bluejays in the trees above me, angry at not being fed for 5 days, roused me to consciousness.

And it is a testament to how sick I really was that not a single mosquito bit me.  That may be due to the fact that I was the same temperature as the outdoor air and so was “invisible” to their sensors.

Or maybe they thought it was unsportsmanlike to infect a man with a deadly virus when he already had one.

Not even mosquitoes like to be accused of scoreboarding.


    • Oh no! That sounds awful! I hope it didn’t last too long. My flu was nothing like that. Just an ordinary, relatively mild flu. Bad enough that everyone avoided me, but not bad enough to get any sympathy. The worst of both worlds. Ha ha!

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  1. Ha ha ha!! This is so great. And welcome back. 😉

    First of all, I did not know enfeeble was a real word. It came up in my Monster Hunter game this weekend and I legit thought the makers of the game had made it up. 😆 You have enlightened my enfeebled brain.

    Second of all, I grew up in Texas so this entry was especially hilarious. 😆

    Third of all, I ALSO HAVE A SUMMER COLD OR FLU! Ugh. It’s really going around. I wonder if I caught it from one of your previous entries…🤔

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    • Thank you, Fae! Enfeeble is one of my favorite words, because it perfectly describes how I feel when I catch a bad cold or a flu.

      And it’s always great to meet a fellow Texan!

      I hope you feel better soon! I sure hope you didn’t catch it from one of my posts! I always spray them liberally with Lysol before I post them. Ha ha!

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  2. Oh bro… Why didn’t let me know? I would have prepared my best chicken soup and have it delivered ASAP had I known that you were almost in a comatose state!! Thank God you are doing better 🙂 How do you want me to live, without A & A????

    Jokes aside, I am really glad to know you are doing better… *sending big hugs*

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    • Thank you, Sis! Your chicken soup sounds just like what I needed! I managed to get better without it, but I’m sure I would have gotten better a LOT faster with it. And thanks for the hugs! Those help a lot , too!

      And the latest A&A story has just been posted. I hope you enjoy it!

      * hugs! *

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