A Little Saturday Morning Drivel

Rooster Crowing 01

It is not quite 7 AM here at chez Biff.  The sun is not fully up yet; only just enough to light everything in a sort of hazy, low-resolution matte finish.  Everyone in my timezone is suffering the effects of the same poor lighting.

All is quiet except for a cat who is going room to room, begging for attention and food.  He has already had plenty of both from me, but it is a cat’s curse to never be satisfied.  And to not want humans to be satisfied either.

I, for my part, am cringing at every little insistent meow he makes, for this is MY time.  If he wakes up the household, my little cocoon of silent serenity will be broken.  TVs will be turned on.  Lights will be turned up.  Chaos will stalk the land.

Ah … it has already started.

And so I must cut this blog short and go jump feet first into the sturm und drang.

As the punchline of the joke once said:  “Everyone back on their heads!”



  1. Lucky for you, Biff, I set aside Saturday mornings for drivel. Your posts are anything but – they’re always rife with your trademark humour and warmth. Will this qualify me for the employee discount?
    Awoke early but only because of a T-bone sale at Safeway. I hear that one can get a steak larger than a toilet seat in Texas? Now we need a proper barbecue and, more importantly, an apron with something funny written on it: Eat Drink and Shut Up.
    Have a pleasant weekend!

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    • You’re in luck! Drivel is my specialty! You can get as much as you want. And with your employee discount, you can buy it in bulk and not feel the pinch.

      And yes, the steaks here can be freakishly large. I’m usually content with a 6 or 8 ounce cut. I’m surprised they haven’t revoked my “Honorary Texan” license. Or was that “Ornery Texan?” I can’t remember.

      And I would totally buy a “Eat, Drink, and Shut Up” apron. Even though my cooking is confined to making instant grits in the microwave.


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