A Few Shameless Plugs

In case you missed it, I posted a few humble little posts this past week.  I handcrafted them, polished them to a nice sheen, and set them into the display window here at the storefront of Biff Sock Pow Industries.  Enjoy!

Water Faucet with Drip 01

On Tuesday, I posted Tapped Out, which got a pleasing amount of traffic.  I have noticed that posts on writer’s block almost always do well.  We are all seeking cures for it, apparently.

A&A Magic #01

On Thursday I published the latest antics of Alistair and Alexis in the delightfully short story (emphasis on “short”), The Disappearing Act.   Reader traffic was light, but the reviews were glowing.  The magic between Alistair and Alexis is still going strong.

Biff Hiking #4

On Friday I published one of my Biff Rambles On posts.   In this one I ramble on about summer, the writing life (or lack thereof), and backyard fauna orgies.

My BRO posts get a pleasing amount of reads and likes and comments.  I’m not sure if people enjoy the format, the content, or if it is just a case of extreme coincidence that I happen to post a BRO post just as people are so bored that they desperately are seeking something to read.

But whatever the cause, I am most thankful.

And there you have it:  Biff’s weekly roundup.  I hope you enjoy them.

And I hope you have a terrific weekend!

Happy blogging!


  1. I love all of your work Biff. You have an abundance of irreverance and wit which I desperately need to offset the seriousness and overwhelmingly dumb people I am forced to deal with each day

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