Tapped Out

Water Faucet with Drip 01

I’m having a bit of a dry spell, writing wise.

It happens to us all from time to time.  We sit down to write, we open up the taps of our creativity, and nothing comes out.

Not even a drop.

So, we sit patiently and wait.   And wait.   And wait.

Hours pass.


Perhaps a week or two.

Or a month.

Then, one day … suddenly … just as we are about to give up … inspiration strikes.

We dash to the keyboard and attempt to get our inspiration down on paper.

But what comes out instead is this blog post that you’re reading right now.

The waiting game continues …


  1. Your writer’s block may stem from the lack of cash return for your endeavors. I too at times have difficulty with my blog – but my paid writing happens whether I am dry or not. Deadlines must be met. When i worked for a daily newspaper there was no time to wait for inspiration to strike, Given a choice between having it good or having it on deadline, editors always opt for deadline.

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    • Other than college papers I had to write, I’ve never had to write with a deadline looming over me. That seems like it would take a lot of the fun out of writing. But the getting paid part would be nice!

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  2. 89. This is the number of posts I started writing but never completed because I have not found the right punchline yet. Do not despair. When I’m out of inspiration, I usually go for a long walk. Often, I have ideas for projects… Sometimes, thankfully, with punchlines!

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  3. That’s why I keep my phone on the bed next to me–I have a brutal habit of waking up around 3 am with a great idea, and no amount of repeating it to myself will ensure that I’ll remember it in the morning, so I make a note on my phone. Doing that has saved me on several occasions from losing something I really needed!

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  4. I have two solutions for this:

    1. Be less responsible: You’ll have a lot to write about and maybe some cool new scars… possibly even a felony record.
    2. Become friends with someone who is less responsible: You’ll still have a lot to write about but with the ability to get a secret clearance if needed. The downside? Writing in third person…

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    • Those are awesome suggestions! I plan to put them into action immediately. I will go downtown this weekend and hang around a seedy bail bond establishment and attempt to meet someone of questionable moral fiber. I’ve always heard that fiber is good for a person.

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  5. I am not worried the least bit for you, Bi… Bi… (oh no, here I go again!) Bibibibibibibbibibibibbiibibibibibibibibibiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiif Bif!! Bif!! BiFsOcKpOw!! Bif Sock PAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOWWW!!!

    Geez, your name is carthartic!

    I enjoy your writing about not having anything to write!! Keep putting the void into words… eventually, you’ll fill it for good! 🙂 xx

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    • Thank you, Sis! It’s good to know that you’re not worried about one of my many bouts of writer’s block and I appreciate your encouragement. I guess I’ll just keep at it until something sparks and catches.

      And I am so glad you enjoy my name so much. I get a real kick out of the way you say it!

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      • Sometimes my mind wanders (ok, that’s a given) and I imagine if I were to meet you in person… And suddenly I feel like I should practice a couple of “live” versions of your name… And vote with myself (because, who am I going to talk to, about this??) to choose the best one, and get your priceless astonished expression when I do it in front of your whole family! Mouarf.

        Yeah, yeah, I’m sane…. Mom got me checked! LOL

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  6. I’m sure I remember someone (must’ve been a famous someone) who said: I write when inspired, and every morning at 9am, as I sit down at my desk, inspiration strikes …

    I never have a problem with having something to say – but sometimes, it may be better if I kept one or two of them to myself … but then again …

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    • I wish inspiration would strike me like that! It usually hits me when I am somewhere where there is no hope of me jotting anything down. And with my memory, if I don’t get it written down in about 2 minutes, it’s like it never happened.

      And I hear you about writing things that perhaps I shouldn’t. It’s hard to know what should be edited and what shouldn’t. My rule of thumb is, “If in doubt, leave it out.”

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      • Mine is: write it out anyway, and wait a few minutes; if still in doubt, save it as a draft. If it never gets found again, so be it.

        The memory thing – say it 3 times in a row, fast (in your head, please, or they’ll lock you up!), then a few steps later, say it 7 times in a row, and if it’s really, really something worth remembering, say it 21 times in a row. Know what? you won’t forget it (not the bones of it, anyway).

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        • I do that, too. I just start writing and hope something sparks and catches flame. If not … it is still in “Drafts” if I ever want to come back to it. My hard drive is clogged with such things.

          I will definitely try that memory trick. None of the other ones have worked so far. 🙂

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