Biff’s World — July 24, 2018

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I sometimes encounter people at work who not only are lazy and who shirk their responsibilities, but who aren’t even smart enough to try to hide it.  Or just don’t care.

I’ve often wished I could have the chutzpah it takes to not give a fig about anything, especially what other people think of me.

I care way too much about what people think about me … especially the people who do my annual performance reviews.





  1. Sometimes we have to pick up the slack for the slackers. But it gives me reason to get back into the gym. While I may have a job for life, based on this one product, I Can’t be lazy. Too much attention now by the CEO from impatient customers….

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    • Attention from a CEO is never a good thing.

      And a job for life sounds like a good thing. I’d sign up for that. But if I never had to worry about getting fired, I’d probably start slacking off. I’d sure hate to become the office slacker!

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      • Fortunately I have my spouse who keeps me grounded. That is, making certain I am employed. And she likes my team. Then again, I am somewhat obsessive about quality. I cannot be lazy – I might have to do housework and honey-do’s

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        • I hear ya. Though sometimes I tire of being grounded. I have been gainfully employed for over 30 years and have always been steady and sure and one of the horses that always pulled in harness. But I would love to see what it is like to do the things that I enjoy doing. However, fear of foreclosures and homelessness and things like that keep me pulling in harness like an exemplary mule on the mule team.

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    • I’m about to get my mid-year review. It doesn’t really count. It’s really just a dress rehearsal for the real one in about six months. They’re both a farce, but it’s just something we do to make ourselves feel better (or worse).

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        • I know exactly what you mean, Candice! It’s such a farce. I always do an excellent job and give 100% … but it’s always the same story. “We only have so much money for raises … blah blah blah … here’s your 2%”.

          Oh the other hand, I am so very happy to even have a job!

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