Biff’s World — June 25, 2018

Biff's World - 2018-06-25 Part 1 #1 v2

I work with people who seem to be motivated solely by awards and accolades … not because the work they’re doing benefits the company, the employees, or its customers, but because they are masters of self-promotion.

Self-promotion is a skill we should all learn, but some people over-do it.






  1. For a lot of folks, appearances are more important than reality – maybe because it’s easier to brag than actually be good at something. Is there a Clio for ego?


    • Thank you for dropping by and commenting, Lorne! As Andy pointed out in his comment, I suppose we are all self-promoters in a way just be being on a blogging site. But it seems to be more of a mutual, two-way street here and I find that inspirational and invigorating.


    • Indeed we do! It’s just sort of integral to the whole blogging process. But I also think it’s sort of an altruistic type of self-promotion … if that makes any sense. We self-promote … but we also like to visit our fellow bloggers’ sites and admire their work.

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