Best of Biff! (June 17-23, 2018)

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A Bit of An Explanation

[I’m about to explain why I’m doing this.  If you want to just get down to the links, feel free to scroll down a bit.]

Boy, the title of this post sure does not roll off the tongue, does it?  I tried to think of something pithy and humorous, but it is early on a Sunday morning and it is hard to be either of those things right now.

Anyway, I am a tinkerer by nature and so I like futzing around with my blog in subtle ways to see what works and what doesn’t.  (FYI, there are lots and LOTS of things that don’t work.)

So I thought I’d try this new experiment: an experimental “week in review” type of post.

As bloggers, we have all watched our beloved posts sink like a stone to the bottom of our favorite “tag walls” in the WP Reader as a thousand new posts by other authors come along in the minutes after we post our gem.

How in the world can we ever get our stuff in front of readers’ eyes if they disappear as soon as we post them?

So this post (possibly destined to maybe, perhaps become a regular feature) is an attempt to get some of my posts from the previous week back up to the top of the wall in various tags.  Because, from what I understand from reading various how-to blogs and books, it is considered gauche to delete a post and re-post it as if it were new to make it float back up to the top.  I’m not sure why that is the case, but I’m not the sort to buck generally accepted but by no means ironclad unwritten rules.

Anyway, after that long-winded explanation, I give you this week’s Best of Biff (BoB).

Alistair and Alexis

It was a prolific week for me in the A&A world.  I posted three (three!) Alistair and Alexis stories.  In all three, I was experimenting with different formats.  Much of the feedback I’ve gotten over the past year on my Alistair and Alexis series is that they are a bit too long to ingest in one sitting.

Therefore, in the case of  Alistair and Alexis Attend a Ribbon-Cutting I actually broke the story up into three pieces.  Readership was light, but generally the feedback was positive regarding the new format.

In An Alistair and Alexis Quickie  and Alistair and Alexis — in — “Swinging From the Rafters”  I tried just writing much, much shorter stories.   I liked this format in that it forces me to trim out everything that isn’t moving the story along.  They also take much less time to write.  But I do miss having Alistair go off on his rambling internal monologues sometimes.

A Mere Strip of a Comic

I managed to get a new Biff’s World — June 20, 2018  comic strip created and posted.  This one was inspired by the over-use of cliches in the business world.

As a writer, I have always been fascinated at how characters often create themselves or take on personality traits different from what we’ve envisioned.  It is utterly fascinating to me how these characters morph and “become their own selves” right in front of our eyes and often in spite of what we, the author, want them to be.

As I’ve created these strips, I’ve found that Sanders (or “Sandman” as Biff calls him) has done that.  He has become my favorite character as a result.  He is gruff and acerbic and is apparently the only person in the company who doesn’t mind standing up to Biff and giving him the same sort of sarcasm he dishes out.

I Was Born a Rambler

I think the posts of mine that generate the most traffic and the most comments are my “Biff Rambles On” posts.  This week’s entry into that category was Biff Rambles On About … A Low-Interest Lawn, Moving and Shaking, Shear Matt-ness, Upwardly Mobile Birds, and Model Citizens   .

Who knows why some things are popular and others are not?  But this post certainly overshadowed everything else I did this week!  But I don’t mind.  They’re fun to write and I enjoy the banter in the comments section afterwards.

That’s All, Folks!

So that’s it for this weeks inaugural post of the Best of Biff!

Thank you for reading and I certainly hope my writing brings a smile to your face and makes your week a little brighter in some small way.






  1. Ok, so I’m an idiot. I really don’t use Reader much. Instead, I get emails every time someone I follow makes a post. Otherwise, I miss stuff. I don’t like missing stuff. What the heck is a ‘tag wall? I often forget to use tags except for a couple here and there. I do take a look at my stats sometimes. For instance, on June 20th I had a record number of views! For the first time in my blog’s life, I had absolutely no views…not one. I think I have a few things to learn but I’m ok if my stats ebb and flow. Most of my posts are just so much jetsam anyhow! ; )

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Linda! I’m not sure if “tag wall” is the correct phrase. It’s that area in the WP Reader where you can sort by tags (for example “Short Stories” and it will display just those posts that have that tag. It’s a great way to filter through the millions of blog posts out there!

      And I hear you about the ebb and flow. Some days I will have 2 viewers, the next I will have 30. I can’t figure out any rhyme or reason to it. It seems to be completely random.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh! I see what you mean about the tag wall now. Thanks! I have such a hard time keeping up with the blogs I follow that I rarely take the time to go searching for new ones. I really should because there is a heck of a lot of good stuff out there. I think I’ll go search something right now. See? You’ve inspired me!

        Liked by 1 person

        • I’m so glad I did! And I know what you mean about finding the time to search out new blogs. It is very time consuming, but there are some real gems out there. Finding a great new blogs makes it worthwhile.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. I like your idea Biff. It is one I may employ in my own blog. I feel you (as my kids say) when you allude to old posts sinking to the bottom of the canal like an old bicycle. Your insights are valuable, hope it results in a boost in (non-bot) followers.

    Liked by 1 person

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