Biff Rambles On About … the Grateful Dad, Squatting With the Oldies, the Case of the Mysterious Coupon, and Humming Along to a Murder

Biff Hiking #3

[Tonight’s soundtrack:  Pat Metheny Group — Last Train Home   (My favorite PMG song)

Day of the Living Dad

It is Sunday night.

Specifically, it is Father’s Day Sunday night.  Things are winding down.

The people in the finance department at Hallmark Cards are wearing their clear green visors and high-fiving each other and swilling champagne and yelling to each other in drunken-frat-boy exuberance, “We did it again!  We pulled it off!  They are still buying this stuff!”   [Gleeful laughter, champagne-bottle-gurgling, adding machine clatter]    “Now if we could somehow get them to believe that 4th of July cards are a thing …

I’m not cynical.

I’m jaded.  There is a distinct, though subtle difference.

But all jesting aside, it was a very nice weekend for me.  Except for all of the work I had to bring home with me from my job.  That part sucked.  But it is just part of what we sign up for when we accept a job.

So this weekend was a nice balance between getting things done and relaxing.

Plus I got to talk to both my father and my daughter today (2 separate phone calls), so it was an excellent Father’s Day.

To CD or Not to CD … That is the Quest

Since it was Father’s Day, I was indulged in a trip to both Half Price Books and Barnes & Noble.  In the same day!  How cool is that?  I had a coupon for each of them that were burning holes in my wallet.

At HPB I did something I have not done in a few years.  I perused their clearance CD shelves.  That used to be my favorite part about going to HPB.  Unfortunately, HPB puts all of their clearance CDs on 3-tiered shelves that are literally at floor level.  The only way to look at them is to squat … or to kneel.  Or maybe even lay prostrate upon the ground.

But since I am loathe to become that intimate with public floors, I usually opt to squat.

The problem with squatting is that, as you age, it becomes more and more difficult to do.  Actually, squatting is quite easy.  It’s the getting back up that is challenging.  I can stand back up easily enough, but then my low blood pressure kicks in and the room swims about me and I see flashes of light and I feel like someone who just spent 2 hours on the Tilt-a-Whirl.

So, eventually, I gave it up.  But today I decided I would relive old times and squat down and look at all ten yards  of the three-tiered ground-level shelves.  We’re talking literally thousands of CDs.

In absolutely no order whatsover.  Within a 4-inch span of shelf you can find Gregorian chants next to a Redd Foxx CD, which is next to a Japanese import, which is next to a George Strait CD, which is right next to a Blood, Sweat, & Tears CD.  It is mind boggling.  And just imagine doing that while squatting down and trying not to lose consciousness.  One has to have a great deal of patience and determination to do this for any length of time.

But I stuck with it and, when it was all said and done, I had scored about 15 CDs at about 2 bucks a pop.  I call that a good haul.

I also bought a “Patton” DVD to replace my VHS copy of it.  Best …. movie …. ever!

It’s a Mystery To Me

Next I went to Barnes & Noble.  It is much more organized, but much more expensive.  But I had a 20% off coupon that expired today, so it was now or never.

After scouring the store, I scored a collection of Miss Marple short stories by Agatha Christie, and a Nero Wolf mystery by Rex Stout that I have never read before.  So, also quite a good haul!

Now I have some new books to add on top of my swaying tower of books that I intend to read someday.  Don’t worry … this swaying tower of books has a good, solid foundation.  Namely, a copy of Tolstoy’s “War and Peace”.

I’m Just Ribbon You

I released the latest Alistair and Alexis short story yesterday.

My timing was probably not the best.  It was a quasi-holiday weekend.  People were busy.  There were cards to fill out.  There were steaks to barbecue.  There were neckties to be wrapped and unwrapped and then returned to the store.

But whatever the case, viewership was very light.  On the plus side, however, what few people did read it gave me some very positive feedback and I am always very grateful for that.

I experimented with slicing the story up into 3 shorter pieces, rather than posting the whole story as one gigantic post.  A lot of the feedback I’ve gotten in the past regarding my A&A stories is that they tend to be too long.  I’d say the jury is still out on this “serialization” method of posting the stories.

I know one thing … it triples the amount of work I have to do to post the story!

And being quite lazy when it comes to the mechanics of posting stuff here on WP, I’m not sure if I have the gumption to keep posting them that way.

Humming Is For the Birds

I don’t usually get whims.  I’m not very whimsical.

But for some reason yesterday I decided that it was time to get out the ol’ hummingbird feeder (which was used once about ten years ago and then put away and forgotten), clean it up, and hang it from a tree.

I browsed online to get a recipe for hummingbird food.

Man!  I thought I had a sweet tooth, but I am a piker compared to those hummingbirds!

But I wanted to see a bird in the backyard other than the murder of crows that has been terrorizing my neighborhood for the past month.  The neighborhood has been strangely bird-free the past few weeks.  I think the crows scared off everything else.

But I’m praying for a hummingbird to appear.


And In Conclusion …

It was a good weekend.  And now it is over.

Time to clear my head of happy, relaxing thoughts and to replace them with the stressful, insipid, and often nonsensical thoughts demanded by the corporate world.

Have a great week!



  1. I think you’re on to something with that Squatting With the Oldies concept. It would obviously have to take place in that very same clearance CD section. Oh, but you might want to impose a stipulation to avoid anyone showing up in their favorite Richard Simmons type shorts… 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I generally torture my knees at the CD racks at the public library. The advantage there is you can try whatever odd CD you’re curious about and if it sucks, you’re not stuck with it. I heard they have books too…

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hiya, Dave! I used to love going to the library. I practically was raised by our local library in my home town. But now when I go, it mostly seems to be stuff that was popular in the 70s or 80s. And their CD selection is pretty paltry. I guess everything is just online nowadays. But I do like that they’re free!


  3. You’re quite the witty rambler Biff Sock Pow. I enjoy visiting your blog because I’m almost certain, you’re going to draw me in with something entertaining, and giggly. Done and dusted, thanks!

    Liked by 3 people

  4. I know what you mean about Hallmark–Ken’s Father’s Day card cost me almost $10! Also, if you like mysteries, check out Allan Bradley’s ‘Flavia De Luce’ series–one of my favourite detectives ever!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Yes, I know what you mean! I almost passed out at the check-out stand. I actually picked up a rather ordinary card that cost $12.50! I thought I had misread it. I’m not saying Dad isn’t worth it … but come on, man. $12 bucks for a piece of card stock and some ink?

      I will definitely check out Allan Bradley. Thanks for the tip!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Gee, a good weekend’s work.
    The War n Peace reminds me – I felt it was time to actually read it. I managed to get a hardback in good cond – and it still had a bookmark that listed all the main families and characters.
    Ok, so I started on it. Going well. Then the TV began serialising it. Ok, compare and contrast. Only, they covered in the first episode all I’d managed to read in the first, what? month.
    As they used to say, meh.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hiya, Michael! I vaguely remember reading W&P as a freshman in high school, but I read it for a bad reason … i.e. I just wanted to be able to say I’d read it. After the first 200 pages, I was just going through the motions and forcing myself to keep reading. I didn’t enjoy it at all and now remember almost nothing about it. But now that I’m “more mature”, I’d like to read it to see if I will have a greater appreciation of it now. Something tells me that I won’t. My attention span has gotten shorter and shorter the older I’ve gotten.

      Thanks for commenting!


  6. I really liked the effect of posting your Alistair and Alexis stories in serial form. I was reading part 1 and was heading for part 2 when I got distracted. You broke the parts up at perfect points. I became undistracted and headed straight to part 2 without having to figure out where I left off. Very handy! Plus, it lets your ardent A&A fans comment more than once because we are a wordy lot. 🙂 Keep them coming! Any time you want to do another for Guest in Jest, you know I’d love it!

    Liked by 2 people

  7. I’m glad you had a nice weekend. Great job finding good books and CDs. I used to go to the library’s annual book sale and score 2 or 3 paperbacks for a dollar. I still have a box of ones yet unread. I did like yesterday’s story broken into 3 parts, I’ll still read them even if I have to recharge my iPad in the middle.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. After planting several different types of pollen-bearing plants, we now get splendid wrens and a variety of humming birds! It’s a beautiful moment to see them darting about in the garden.

    Liked by 1 person

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