Thank Friday It’s Good

prison window

What’s not to like about Friday?


Everything about Friday is awesome.

It is the end of the work week.  It is the beginning of the weekend.  It is the start of the time we can do things WE want to do, and not what our employers want us to do.

I don’t know about you, but to me grass seems greener on Friday.  The sky seems bluer.  The birds’ songs just a bit more happy and upbeat.  It is on Friday I feel that, if I were to buy a lottery ticket, it would be a winner.  Fridays make me feel like I can go home and complete every project on my to-do list in just a matter of hours.

Of course, the reality rarely lives up to the illusion.

The lottery tickets I have bought over the years on Friday have never won me a single penny.

The sky is just as it has always been.  The grass is just being grass.  The birds’ songs are the same ones they’ve sang for millennia.   I know I will not finish even a single project on my to-do list, let alone all of them.

But you know what?  I don’t care.

I love having these feelings and sensations, even if they are an illusion.

Let the prisoner in his cell enjoy the single shaft of sunlight that finds its way through the bars and into his cell for the brief hour of the day it is able to do so.


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