Biff Opens Up the Windows and Doesn’t Like What He Sees

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This evening, after a sumptuous repast of something entombed in a plastic resealable container in the fridge, I decided that the time had come to finally set up my recently repaired laptop.  You know … the one I’ve been complaining bitterly about since it died a few weeks ago.

I have been postponing this all week long because I took a look at it last Sunday when I got it back and, seeing that it was now running Windows 10 instead of Windows 8, the enthusiasm sort of drained away from me.  I decided that I needed to sulk about this for a few days before casting myself into the Windows 10 waters.

It was bad enough just loading up all of the software that I used on a regular basis back in the day.  Some of them were things I found on the internet a long time ago.  So, off the the Internet to find them.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate downloading things off of the Internet?  I always feel like I am downloading the world’s most malicious computer virus every time I do.  I hate going to the download site and there are no less than 20 buttons on the page that all say “Download Now!” on them.  However, only one of them is actually the software you want.  The rest of them are ads that will chew up every bit of your CPU’s abilities for upwards of 10 minutes.

Another thing we never think about until we change computers is the million and one settings we had set up to our liking on the old computer.  Some of those settings were “set once and forget” type settings.

And so we immediately forget where where they were.

But then when we get a new computer we’re like, “Where was that obscure setting that I set one time 5 years ago?”

It is maddening.

Be all that as it may, I am actually typing this on my new old computer.  I am also listening to music and so far my laptop has not locked up even a single time.

This is progress.

Now I just need to somehow load all of my files from my last backup onto my new hard drive.  Then I will have access to 15 or 20 years worth of file detritus.


For something that’s supposed to make us so efficient, they sure do waste a lot of our time.


    • Yes! I honestly can’t remember what I used to do to “waste time” before computers and the internet came along. I think I read a lot more books. And wrote a lot of stuff on my old electric typewriter. And probably got outside a lot more than I do now.

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    • I am slowly learning my way around Windows 10. I know I will get used to it eventually and not think anything about it. I just hate going through the learning curve.


  1. Glad you’re making progress. I hate having to set up a new computer too! Last time I had to get a new laptop, I went to a place that did it all for me, (transferred files, downloaded all the requested software, set up my email, etc.) and he did it for free. It was a small independent seller, and he configured it just how I wanted. Saved me so many headaches! And I actually really like Windows 10.

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    • Thanks, Candice! Slowly but surely.

      And I sure wish I knew someone I could trust for reliable tech support. My only option right now is either Geek Squad, those sketchy little places you see in strip malls, or Googling everything and trying to do it myself. All of those ways are fraught with risks.

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  2. Way to go, Biff! I went through my issues with Win10 on desktops at home, where software I wanted had to be downloaded also. And cleaning out all the junk games and tools- only designed to gather your info and sell it to advertisers…. But now you get to try all sorts of upgrades to software you may figure out – by the time the NEXT upgrade comes out! (I still am learning to use the latest Office products….

    At work, I put Win10 on a workstation – some of my customers were using it — with a device that was designed for very early XP. Of course, it has issues now with the multi terabyte drives and such…. BUT now all that is my co-worker’s issues. I have new things to go nuts over..

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