A Moment On the Bubble



Today will be a day of miracles, for I have somehow managed to find a brief space of time when I am the only creature astir.  Such moments of solitude and tranquility are so very rare to me, that when they occur it is like I have stumbled upon the most beautiful, serene, and lovely oasis in the desert.

Right now is one of those moments.

So naturally, I thought of posting something on my blog.  Isn’t that what all of us do here in the blogosphere?  When we find ourselves with the odd, spare moment of peace and quiet, we dash to the keyboard to try and get a few words dispatched out into the ether before this delicate, variegated, and doomed little bubble bursts under the heat of the sun or the thorn or the leaf or whatever pointed or sharp or grating object we come into contact with first?

But, oh those wonderful moments, just before bursting!  The peace.  The solitude.  The sheer bliss of being, for a few fragile moments, the only person in the world and to have the illusion of a bounty of time and energy.

But we know this Eden, this impossible bubble of filmy surface tension, is aberrant and abhorrent to Nature.  It cannot exist in this cacophonous, blistering world except in our minds, and only for brief moments.

And so we want more than anything to share them, while they last, with others who also crave these tiny little doomed miracles.



  1. Actually, it’s been an emotional roller coaster, but today I was able to go for a long walk and clear my head somewhat. You have a wonderful week at work, slow as it might pass.

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    • Sorry to hear about the roller coaster. I hope things get better for you soon! I love to walk. It always makes me feel better. And thanks for the good wishes for the week. I wish you the same!

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  2. I wish I could have more of those without the sharp thorn of “the next thing I need to do” bursting that fragile bubble. I really liked the way this flowed–beautiful use of language.

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    • I agree, Candice. Too much of anything is not good for us or even enjoyable. But we always crave that which we have the least of. A balance of all things is the key to happiness, however elusive it may be!

      I hope you had a great weekend. 🙂

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