Baked to a Delicate Crunch

Sun and gardner (colored)

I survived today’s yard mowing activities.  Just barely, though.

I went outside shortly after I wrote this morning’s post (in which I boasted about my bravery in getting outside in this heat to do something as foolhardy  — and ultimately as futile) as mowing my yard on this fine Texas summer day.

I manged to get it all mowed, edged, and swept before the temperature hit 100 degrees (37.8 C).  It was about 94 (34.4 C) when I finally finished and went back inside to try to re-hydrate enough that I could be recognized by members of my closest circle.

Later in the day when I was out tooling around in the ol’ roadster (which is cleverly disguised as a nondescript sedan in an even more nondescript color), I noticed that the outside temperature readout said it was 106 degrees outside!  (41.1 C)

I looked up how NOAA calculates the heat index for a given temperature and humidity level.  According to their own brightly-colored chart, the heat index at 106 degrees and 45% humidity (which it was) gives a heat index of 130 degrees!  (54 C)   Furthermore, they color that particular square on their chart red, which means they classify this temperature as “extreme danger”.

Well …. that’s certainly good to know.  I did not know that 130 degrees posed any particular danger.  I figured I could get out and run a marathon or re-shingle my roof or maybe even lay down naked in a black asphalt parking lot and smear myself with butter.  What’s the worst thing that could happen?  Other than attracting buzzards, I mean.

But fear not!

The weather boffins have assured us that tomorrow will be much, much cooler than it was today.

They are promising that the temperature will only rise to to about 94 (34.4 C).

I may have to scratch my jacket out of the downstairs closet.




      • Well ,I ll be on holidays ,that it will make it tolerable.I still remember when living in Milan and have to take the metro over summer😱😓I’m gradually growing always more fond of Irish summers …if only the sea would be a bit warmer😉have a good day😀


            • I’ll do my best,Excluding the kids and the overwhelming relatives it will be heaven 😀but I still have to wait nearly two months,in the meanwhile I won’t risk to roast in Ireland 😉


  1. I think in the UK, 30° C is the defined point the temperature can get to when people can start saying “That’s it, summer is just too hot now, roll on Autumn…” Also, at anything near the very high twenties, letting the lawn grow into a ‘wildlife meadow’ is a popular pastime.


  2. Biff, you are a brave, brave soul! I decided “more” exercise today by several wheelbarrows-ful of stones moved from driveway to back yard. It was only in the high 70s yet Dexter and Comet who were with me initially went back inside the house to the air conditioning. Lawn mowed?? That’s why I do not miss mine.


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