Biff Rambles On About … Lost Weekends, A Gratuitous Use of “Femto”, and Groaning and Bearing it

Biff Hiking #4

Someone owes me a weekend!

I’m not sure who took my weekend, but I’m going to turn my back and close my eyes and if someone puts my stolen weekend on my desk then there’ll be no questions asked.

No one?  Okay … fine.  I’ll need you all to stay behind after this post  is over.

How is it that we can go from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening in only a femto-second?  I’m sure the basis for time travel is tied up with this somehow.  I may apply for a government research grant to study the effects of short weekends on the burn rate of research grants.  Wish me luck!

Well, here it is Sunday night and I still don’t have a new laptop to replace my dead one.  I know some of you think that I have not gone through an acceptably long period of mourning for the old laptop yet.  You may be right.  I did a lot of very manly sobbing immediately after it died, but I admit I was in a state of denial for a day or two afterwards.  I am just now entering the phase of mourning where I can admit that I have a problem.

It’s possible I have my phases mixed up with some other multi-step process.

At any rate, the weekend went by too fast for me to make it to the computer store to buy another one.  And it might also be possible that the price of new laptops has me curled up in a ball on my living room floor with a thousand-yard stare.

What’s a cheapskate to do?

And not just a cheapskate, but a cheapskate who hates change.  (I much prefer bills.)

Yes, I admit I’m just rambling. It was a good weekend, but I really don’t have anything to write about.  But as you can see, that has not stopped me from grinding out a blog post.

Well, if you’ll excuse me, I need to reboot this carp-y laptop.  The Monkees music video I was listening to in the background has brought the CPU and video processor to its knees.  It is also possible that the CPU cooling fan has blown its bearings.

I know how it feels.  I too feel like I have lost my bearings.



  1. The answer is time crystals ( Have you ever wondered why your weeks and weekends seem to be in an oscillating, repeating pattern? You’re trapped in a big one. 😉

    Your late laptop finally figured this out and failed under the strain, the older one is too slow to work it out; like a hamster on a wheel it just keeps spinning until it falls, gasping for breath.

    You did have backups, right?

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    • That explains why I feel like I’m stuck in a loop like a broken record.

      I had made a backup of my files back in about March, so I didn’t lose too much. Mostly my “Biff’s World” cartoons, but no big loss there. I’ll try to pull as much data off of the failed disk as I can when I get another PC to move the data onto.

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