Biff’s Week In Bullet Points

Plumbing-Meeting RM v1

It’s been quite a week in the Biff household.

And by that, I mean it resulted in the types of little stories your tell your friends and co-workers and you think you’re slaying it and that you are an anecdote god, but that really are just boring your co-workers, who are thinking, “Man, this guy leads a really boring life!

So, rather than bore you with tales that I think are quite witty but that you think are indications that I need to get out more, I’ll just summarize my week in bullet points.

Studies have shown that bullet points are:

  • succinct
  • eye-catching
  • very bullet-y
  • usually round

Some of this was covered in more detail in a previous post, so if my bullet points below intrigue you, feel free to read the more verbose edition.

So, without further ado, I bring you:

Biff’s Week In Bullet Points

  • Got a molar repaired that I had chipped 5 months ago.
    • Side benefit:  No longer have cold sensitivity in that bionic tooth
    • Now other teeth seem sub-standard in comparison
  • Was unable to turn off my shower Wednesday morning
    • Tried to fix it myself but only succeeded in nearly destroying plumbing (and my index finger)
    • Called plumber who also struggled, thus restoring my bruised and broken ego
    • Index finger healing nicely (Bonus:  cool looking scar)
  • My laptop died a sudden and severe death
    • Unable to resuscitate.  Will harvest organs in near future, then dispose of carcass at night near edge of town
    • Resurrected an old laptop that I had used to install Ubuntu (Linux) so I could access email and WordPress
    • Decided I’m not a big fan of Linux and will have to buy a new Windows machine this weekend.
    • New PC will allow me to watch slow-loading internet sites in higher resolution
    • Writing abilities not expected to be materially improved by acquisition of new PC
  • Posted latest antics of Alistair and Alexis to good reviews, but low attendance.
    • Original manuscript lost when laptop died, thus crushing hopes of selling it on eBay for big bucks someday.  Will instead sell laptop carcass for 2 or 3 dollars in garage sale.
  • Nearly got involved in internecine war at work, but then remembered I don’t care
    • Only about ten more years until retirement!
    • Vending machine out of Snickers bars


Well, that’s about all I can think of.  If I am suddenly hit by inspiration later on, I will write more.  I hate to get your hopes up, though.







    • Thanks, Candice! It just sort of came to me when I started writing. I think I spend too much time at work coming up with bulletized lists for all the PowerPoint presentations I have to do. Sometimes I think there is no form of communication more silly than bulletized lists. But such is life in the business world. 🙂

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    • Thanks, Wilt! Internecine is a ten-dollar word I picked up at a garage sale for a mere 75 cents! It was a great bargain, though it has just been sitting on my shelf unused until this post. I’m willing to sell it to you for a mere 25 cents. It works great at parties.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Sorry, Wilt. I did not mean for the post to become all business-y, but I just sort of slipped into it (like one slips into a coma). I’m sorry you were not able to achieve nap-dom. I will try to write something more business-y and boring next time as a sleep aid. 🙂

      …. getting back to work now.

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