Biff’s World — May 4, 2018

017 - Biff's World (May 5 2018 - #1) v2

I’m no expert on inventory management or tax law, but I noticed a long time ago when I was fresh out of college that tax laws regarding inventory have made companies devise very ingenious ways of managing their inventory.  I’m pretty sure this was one of the primary reasons that all of our manufacturing fled to offshore havens.





  1. I have a job for you! I have a development lab that has a ton of program-dollar expensed old equipment and misc pre-production parts and whatnot. I need to get rid of it all. Should I ship it to your offshore sites? It would give me at least a year delay to deal with the inventory people…

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    • Thanks, Michael! And thanks for the FB share. Maybe now I’ll come to the attention of Mark Zuckerberg. Then fame and fortune will come my way for sure! (Or constant surveillance and a complete loss of privacy.)


  2. And I’m no economist, but even I recognize one of the underlying issues here: static vs. dynamic scoring. Impose regulation, predict results — and then watch human behavior change to cope with the new regulation. Heck, there’s even a tree in a local park that’s known as the moonshine oak. You can imagine the reason.

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    • The government uses whichever scoring method suits their needs at any given moment. Bureaucrats are all keenly aware of the Law of Unintended Consequences … they just don’t care. That’s because they get their slice of the pie no matter how big or small the pie is … or even if there is any pie at all. Meanwhile, they tell us to eat cake.

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  3. When I worked at Texas Instruments, one enterprising tech had purchased a bunch of HEPA filters for a dollar a piece and kept them in storage. Inevitably, a year later, TI had to buy them back from him for a hundred and twenty dollars a piece.

    Corporations work in mysterious ways…

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