Biff’s World — April 30, 2018

016 - Biff's World (April 30 2018 - #1) v2

I know the “sleazy salesman” character is a cliche.  I know the vast majority of people in corporate sales are not that way.  However, I have worked with many sales people over my years in the corporate world and I have found a certain percentage of them are, shall we say, “differently ethic’ed”.

Poor Biff was just unlucky enough to hire one of them.




  1. The thing that always struck me was how, when two salesmen get together they hype each other into a frenzy, and what started as reasonable turns into something that that calls for a minor miracle to pull off. (Of course, it’s not the salesmen that have to pull off the miracle.) Then if you add someone who’s “differently ethic-ed”…

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    • There is no upper limit to the one-upmanship when two sales people get together. And, as you pointed out, it is up to everyone else (i.e. the innocent victims) to deliver on the wild-ass promises of the sales team. And then guess who gets the big bonuses when everyone delivers on the wild-ass promises? Yep. You’re right.

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