Feeling the Burn



You’d think by this age in my life, I’d have developed a certain amount of caution, foresight, and situational awareness.

But you’d be disappointed if you thought that about me.  I know I certainly was!

I was microwaving my coffee earlier to reheat it, just as I’ve done thousands upon thousands of times over the past 8 or so years.  My aged microwave rarely gets the contents of anything more than lukewarm if the timer is set to anything less than 2 minutes or so.  After all, the thing is over 20 years old.  It’s a wonder it works at all.

But tonight, for some reason that escapes me, the mug I was using, which is one I’ve used hundreds of times without incident, decided that it would get up to about 500 degrees (260 C).  Especially the handle.

So when I reached in and grabbed it, completely unaware of the fact that I really should be using asbestos lined ore-smelting gloves, I ended up branded myself.  I now have a welt on my finger that will probably blister by tomorrow.

But not to worry … the coffee inside the cup was still room temperature.



  1. You’ve just done me a favor. I had a great-aunt who was given to malapropisms. For example, she would call something a “fig newton of the imagination.” Over time, I’ve forgotten many of her phrases, which were repeated to me by my mother. Now, I remember another one. Instead of “blithering idiot,” she’d use the phrase, “blistering idiot.” On the list it goes!

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