Biff Rambles on About … Friday Deliveries, Wanton Weather, and Mercurial Spring

Biff Hiking #4

As most of you have probably heard by now, it is Friday.

Unlike most weeks, this particular Friday seemed to arrive quickly and without delay.  Usually along about the third Tuesday in a row, I have to call up the supplier and complain that my Friday has been delayed and that if they don’t start getting them to me on time, that I shall cancel my subscription.  I guess all my complaining finally paid off!  Friday arrived right on time this week.  And they didn’t throw it into the shrubbery like they usually do.

Dallas can’t seem to decide what kind of season it wants.  One day it will be 83 degrees (28 C), and the next it will be 55 (12 C).  I often turn on the heaters in the morning, and the air conditioner in the afternoon.  I will have to wear my sunglasses at noon, and by 3:00 it is gray and overcast outside.  One day will be uncomfortably humid and the very next day it will be so dry that I have to put on lotion to keep my skin from mutating into lizard scales.  On any given day it may hail … or rain … or there will be high winds … or no wind.  Some trees are completely bare, some have completely leafed out and have blooms on them.  Half my grass is dead, and some of it is lush and needs mowing.  Autumn’s crows stand next to spring’s robins.

I don’t know what’s going on.  This is one of the screwiest springs I have ever been through … and since I live in North Texas, that is saying something!

But I’m not complaining.  Every year I dread with every fiber of my being the firing up of the furnaces of Hades … affectionately known in Texas as “summer”.  It is six months of the hottest, most arid, gnat-filled, mosquito-infested, tinder-dry, gill-mutating humidity beat down you can imagine.   I exaggerate a little … sometimes the gnats are not so plentiful.

But the fact remains that I dread summer bitterly every year.  So, as far as I am concerned, Spring may do what she will.  She may be as capricious and unpredictable as she likes.   She may exhibit all of her many moods, sometimes all in the same day.  She may rail and sob and yell and throw things, and I shall smile indulgently.

For when she goes, she leaves an emptiness that is so very hard to recover from and move on from.




  1. You have it right. TX springtime is always a bit weird, but this year has been just crazy. We were up to 96 the other day, and today is in the 50s. In between we’ve had so much wind and dirt. I’m expecting the hot as Hades temps will soon be here to stay, with no intermittent hot/cold.

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