Biff’s World — April 18, 2018 (#2)

010 - Biff's World (April 18 2018 - #2) v3





    • All of my corporate humor deals with the equal blend of comedy and tragedy that is “normal” in the corporate world. Over my career I have observed so many seemingly idiotic behaviors caused by obtuse accounting and tax rules. And when you add the reality-warping effects of Wall Street on top of it, it leads to behavior that can only be described as “insane” outside the strange universes of accounting, taxes, and Wall Street pressures.

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  1. there’s always two issues with software. one, the tool the company bought and used for older designs no longer is robust or agile enough for new ones, but old designs cannot easily be upgraded with the latest software tool. Training is usually- find the one guy who knows the tool and learn from him. And second, everything is done on the cheap, sw engineers are dividing time across multiple projects. So portable code, warts and all, get reused wherever possible. And then all the bugs get identified long after the design is fixed…

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    • Yes, there is always a lag between the technology and the tools. And another lag between the roll-out of the tools and the providing of training (assuming any training is provided at all). My experience is the same as yours. Management never wants to spring for the training, so everyone just teaches themselves. Not the most efficient way of doing it.

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