Biff Rambles On About … Sunday, Socrates, and Solitude

Biff Hiking #4

It is Sunday morning.

(That statement is for the benefit of people who read this in the future and say, “Wait just a gol-durned minute!  It’s not Sunday morning!  It’s Tuesday afternoon!”    Welcome to time travel, my friend.  You might want to cinch up that seat belt a little tighter.)

So, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted by an unscheduled aside, it is Sunday morning. (No, not Tuesday afternoon!)

All is quiet in the Biff household.  The cat has not performed her self-appointed duties of waking up everyone at 5:30.  Therefore, it fell to me to wake up naturally (i.e. in a panic, thinking I had overslept and was going to be late for work.)   But after just a few moments (it may have been minutes), I suddenly realized that it is Sunday morning (not Tuesday afternoon) and that my presence was not required at work just yet.

I somehow managed to wake up, make coffee, have a bowl of cereal, get the boilers on my steam-powered laptop fired up and said contraption functioning (sort of), and the first half of this blog written without waking up all creation.

Result:   peace and quiet.

What a rare commodity peace and quiet is!  How often in the modern world can we find quietude in which to just sit and think?  How rare is it that we can escape the constant bombardment of ads and spam and commercials and people talking and devices beeping and clocks telling us we are late?

I live for moments of solitude.  I yearn for them.  More than that … I need them.

We humans were not designed to have our brains constantly stimulated and harassed, particularly by things that are mere nuisances and annoyances and have no meaning.  Because when our brains are being beat-up by the electronic bullies we fill our lives with, then they are not performing higher thinking functions.   If Plato or Socrates were alive today I’m pretty sure they would just be gibbering idiots, constantly checking their Facebook pages, Tweeting inanities, or playing mind-numbing twitch games on their phones.

So, give me solitude.  I will never be a Socrates, but I like the feeling I get when my brain is allowed to run, unfettered, and to think thoughts I cannot think when I am surrounded by the constant din of modern society.

Have a happy, joyful, and peaceful Sunday!   (Not Tuesday)


  1. I am not sure if by responding now (Wednesday afternoon) I can represent myself as being a voice from the future, as this post so firmly asserts that it’s still Sunday. In any case I agree, it’s nice to stop and smell the roses rather than constantly pick at their thorns.

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    • Hey, your note sure sounded like a note from the future to me! But, unfortunately, by the time I got around to responding, it was in the past again. 😦 I guess I spent too much time stopping and smelling the roses.

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