Biff Rambles On About … Time Management, Spring Sales, and Paying the Piper

Biff Hiking #4

After a long week, Friday arrived, and right on time.  Say what you will about how the weeks are managed, but the days are always on time.  There were times back in the 1970s when the weeks were so mismanaged that days were often late.  Sometimes they wouldn’t even show up at all.  It was very disconcerting to go to bed on Tuesday evening and wake up on Thursday.

But finally, after many worker strikes, government funding debacles, and some restructuring under a federally appointed conservatorship, the weeks were better managed and, ever since then, the days have run on time.  They are still not profitable, but that is to be expected with Quasi-Public Corporations (QPCs) or Government Run Organizations (GROs).  If you’re expecting anything different, you are just SOL (Sadly Out of Luck).

As I have mentioned in a few of this past week’s posts, Spring has set up shop here in North Texas and is operating a thriving concern.  The lines of customers are looped around the block at most locations and most of the shops have been completely depleted of their inventory.  However, we have been assured that additional shipments of greenery, fresh birds, and new wildflowers are on their way.  April showers, however, are still on back-order and are somewhat delayed by the early Easter season.

But seriously … this is the most beautiful time of year for North Texas.  The trees have all greened up beautifully and their leaves look soft, are of a beautiful soft, pastel green, and look shiny and waxy.  The wildflowers are already beginning to bloom (mostly Texas bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush).  And, where they have been planted, tulips, daffodils, and hyacinth are exploding in color.  Grassy areas are uniformly green or are in the process of greening.  The temperatures are absolutely perfect and are at their most comfortable (65-72 F, or 18-23 C).  The sun is bright, but the light is diffused and soft.  The sky is a brilliant blue.  The entire world look like an impressionistic painting in soft, though bright, pastels, except that the edges are sharp and crisp and beautiful.  It is a good time to live in Texas.

At the moment I am sitting at home while air conditioner (A/C) technicians clump around in my attic and a plumber is torching some old, worn-out cut-off valves off of various things in the house to be replaced with new ones that don’t leak.  That is another sign of spring … all of the things that are wearing out come to light.  We might notice them in the dead of winter, but we are so morose we just think, “Oh, I’ll just put that off to the spring.  What’s the point of doing it now?”  The energy of spring makes us want to have these things fixed and so we dig deep, find the money, and have them done.

Especially the A/C.  The idea of having an air conditioner fail in the summertime is horrifying to most Texans.  When it is 110 degrees outside (43 C), no one wants to be without A/C for any longer than they have to.  For that reason, I am diligent about having my A/C system inspected and re-charged in the spring before I actually need it.

Well, said technicians and plumbers are calling for me.  Now it is time to pay the bill.

And THAT, my friends, is the true sign that spring is here.








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