Just the Facts, Ma’am


Day:  Thursday

Time:  8 PM (ish)

Music:  Tom Scott (“Night Creatures” album)

Attire:  Lounge wear (aka pajamas)

Refreshments:  Coffee (Starbucks Veranda blend) and Vieira Maria biscuits

Activity:   Trying to come up with a blog post

Activities I’m Ignoring:  Continuing to clean out my office


There.  If I write my blog posts like that, they are a lot quicker to write and much tidier.

I like tidy.

Tidy is what I’ve been trying to impose on my life for some months now.

But tidy is difficult, because nature abhors tidiness.   Aristotle thought Nature abhored vacuums, but it turns out he was wrong.  They didn’t even HAVE vacuum cleaners back then.

No, what Nature abhors is tidiness. Just look around you.  If there is any tidiness around you, it wasn’t Nature that left it there!  No, I can guarantee you it was a human.  A very rare human.

And it certainly wasn’t me!

Even Joe Friday couldn’t pin that on me.







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