Flirting With Inspiration


Here it is Monday evening already.  I have a steaming cup of coffee beside me (still without International Delight French Vanilla creamer … thanks for asking).  I have Peter White on the headphones (his “Caravan of Dreams” CD).  My feet are up on the aging ottoman (an entire empire for my feet).  I’m already in my lounge wear (which somehow sounds more refined than “pajamas”).

Life is good.

I’m feeling in a very write-y mood tonight.  I’m sure, my fellow writers, that you know this feeling well.  It is that feeling you get sometimes, a sort of giddy head-rush that comes on like lightening, and suddenly you think you can write anything.  You feel, if you could just get to a keyboard or a blank journal, that you could dash off the next great novel or poem or short story or essay or whatever.

Unfortunately, the feeling often dissipates like vapor when I actually sit down to write.  Life … particularly the writing life … is funny like that.  Inspiration comes and goes on its own schedule.  It is very cagey and elusive and capricious.  It is like the worst lover you ever had.  She is in and out of your life, making you feel giddy and heady and elated one minute when she arrives to “give it another chance”, and then making you morose and despondent and disconsolate when she leaves the very next moment for no particular reason that you can discern.

So you shout after her, “Well, go on then!  I didn’t need you anyway!  I’ll be just fine without you!”

But she’s already gone.

So you just sit and stare at the keyboard awhile.

Then you get up and go to bed.


  1. I kept a dream journal for years. I honestly think it helps you to recall dreams more vividly, knowing that you will transcribe them. I’m out of the practice now, that was before I had a missus. Writing in bed would only arouse suspicion (like I’d write a billet-doux in bed, that’s what the garage is for). I still do recall my dreams with little effort though!

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    • I should try that. However, either I don’t dream or I never remember them. The few times I have remembered a dream, it was so incredibly mundane and boring that I might as well have been awake. By the way, you win today’s Blogging Academy Award for Working the Word Billet-Doux Into A Blog Post Comment. (AKA, the coveted BAAWWBDIABPC).

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  2. Once in a great while I’ll have a story that almost writes itself, but as I’m not really writer-ly by nature those moments are few and far between. Even feeding a mere bi-weekly dribble (drivel?) the inspiration is often forced. So for those of you who are more frequently teased by the muses, enjoy it while it lasts…

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    • Yes, inspiration does come and go without warning, doesn’t it? I love that feeling you described, where something practically writes itself. As an amateur writer, those are the moments I live for. The rest of it is pretty agonizing.

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  3. My problem is that I get ideas while lying in bed at night and I think, “That is a GREAT idea! There’s no way I’ll ever forget THAT idea”. You’ll never guess how that turns out…

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  4. I was thinking about you today, for some reason, and I had an idea I wanted to share… Series are a good way to motivate one to keep a routine, and even if inspiration is eluding you, you can always rely on the series to have something to post and keep things going…

    Biff Sock Pow, to me, rhymes with high class vocabulary. And even if many bloggers offer “one word prompts” already, maybe you could start one too, daring us readers to write a post inspired by some unusual word only you can find in the dictionary!

    It might not be as good an idea as I think it is… but I thought I’d tell you anyway 🙂

    Have a lovely week! xx

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    • Hi Lee! That is a very good idea!

      I have a personal rule about no electronics in the bedroom (except alarm clock and fan). Smart phones and whatnot keep me from getting a good sleep. I think I might try keeping a notepad, pen, and flashlight by the bed, though. Hopefully I’ll still be able to read my writing in the morning! Lol!

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