Direct Your Eyes to the Center Ring …

Man in Canon

I awoke inexplicably at 6 AM this morning.  Those of you who know me (and even those who pretend not to) know that I am not a morning person.  If left to my own devices, I would probably awake at the reasonable hour of 9 or 9:30.  But, in the continuing saga of my mind and my body betraying me in a thousand subtle ways, my eyes flew open at 6 AM this morning for no reason whatsoever.  A Saturday morning!  It is an outrage.

But I decided to make lemon merangue pie out of this particular load of lemons and thought, “Hey!  I bet I could write an absolutely fantastic blog post with the 2 hours of free, uninterrupted solitude that I will get to enjoy as a reward for waking up early!”

Fate, who was away on a deep sea fishing excursion at the time, nevertheless heard me and was heard to say, “What?  What was that?”  Fate accepted the challenge with gusto.

And suddenly, just as inexplicably as my waking up early, the house was also suddenly awake and milling about and turning on TVs and music devices.  Washing machines were set to churning.  Toasters begin springing.  A clown car sped crazily around the living room and stopped and then clowns began pouring out of it.  In came the jugglers and tumblers and lion tamers.  (Okay, I made that last part up, but those things would have felt quite at home in the center ring of the circus that my house had suddenly been transformed into).

Oh well, so much for writing the greatest blog post of all time.  You shall just have to settle for this box of stale popcorn and a bright orange drink that might be Crush or Tang or just some very zesty water from the local water supply.

Have a beautiful and blessed and fantastic Saturday!  May your own circus amaze and astound you.


  1. 6am!? That is incorrigible. Alas, I usually seem to think I will write the greatest blog piece of all time usually around 11:30pm. But… Youtube and Spotify and even a good book or two will wreck that for me. 😉
    You could just let the clowns write it and see where they take it? Nah. We like your writing, no matter the time!


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