Poor Biff’s Almanac — A Coffee Creamer Update

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First off, I’d like to point out that this blog isn’t a Best of Biff.  I am actually writing this in real time and will post it when I am finished.  You can’t get posts any fresher than that!  If this blog post were bread, it would still be dough.  Or maybe even just flour.

I thought you’d all like an update on my attempts to give up International Delight® French Vanilla (IDFV) coffee creamer.  I of course flatter myself that you care at all, but I am counting on it being an extremely slow night here at WordPress and that you’re all desperate for something to read.  (Let me have this!)

Okay, when I last wrote of my attempts to kick my IDFV addiction, I was slowly trying to cut myself back by slowly reducing the amount of creamer by about a tablespoon every week.  However, since I typically put about a third of a cup of creamer in 2/3 cup of coffee, cutting back a tablespoon at a time was taking too long and if I lack anything, it is patience.  Plus, the less I put in my coffee, the more unpalatable the coffee became.  My addiction was worse than I thought.

So I just cut to the chase and gave up IDFV all together.  Cold turkey, baby!  I replaced it with Half-and-Half and Sugar-In-the-Raw®.  The flavor isn’t quite as good as the IDFV creamer, but it isn’t bad.  I don’t use much Sugar-In-the-Raw® (maybe half a tablespoon) and it gives the coffee a nice, though very faint, molasses overtone to it.  And the H&H just gives the coffee a creamy texture.

A side benefit to switching to H&H and Sugar-In-the-Raw® is that I am drinking less coffee now.  I make a cup in the morning, but only drink about half a cup.  I make a cup in the evening still, but, again, I only drink about half of it.

So I am living proof that one can overcome a sugar addiction!

And if you’re reading this, I apologize and I really hope that things pick up on WordPress very soon!



  1. I use Xylitol in my coffee – one packet and then the half and half. I give up added sugars each year for Lent so I came to this through trial and error. Tried Stevia and hated it, monk fruit (meh), Agave is expensive and has tons of calories (it is yummy though). The xylitol tastes like sugar it is classified as a sugar alcohol. Basically empty calories with less calories and cavities then sugar and it it’s low on the Glycemic Index . https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/xylitol-101#section2

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  2. ummmmmm, Biff? “kick the sugar habit?” Haven’t you just switched the type of sugar hun? Throw away that Turbinado sweetie, and then tell us what you are going through. LOL

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    • Well … “kicking” the habit is a bit strong. I’m just trying to vastly reduce the amount of sugar I consume every day. I don’t think sugar is bad in and of itself. But consuming my own body weight in it every day is not good, especially at my age!

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  3. Biff, my dear. I hate to be the one to point this out but you haven’t completely kicked the sugar addiction if you are still adding Sugar in the Raw. That’s Turbinado sugar baby. You’re making marvelous progress, though. Not having the IDFV flavoring must have been a hard leap. Keep going, my friend.

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    • Very true! I haven’t kicked it, but I have greatly reduced it. The amount of Sugar in the Raw I’m adding is significantly lower than the equivalent amount I was getting from the IDFV. And now I can slowly begin cutting back on the SITR. At this rate, I may end up giving up coffee altogether! Apparently I have just been using coffee as a sugar delivery vehicle. Lol!

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      • You’ll be surprised what happens as you go on. I used to add lots of that sort of stuff, too. I cut back on the additives and now I can’t imagine putting anything in my coffee. You’ve got good coffee there. It could happen to you, too. Now if only I could cut out all of that stuff in other parts of my diet. You’re way ahead of me there!

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