Poor Biff’s Almanac — Blast From the Past

Poor Biff's Almanac Graphic (Colored) #1

Biff is rather preoccupied this with various things this morning and doesn’t have time for a proper post, so I have decided to break my personal policy of not recycling old posts.  So here, fresh from the recycling bins here at Biff Industries, is a particularly, um, recycled piece of … um … recycling.  (Sorry about the coffee grounds on it.)

But hey, it was from this date exactly a year ago!  That ought to count for something.

Also, it is more of a ramble than a “almanac” post, but we can’t always get what we want.


Poor Biff’s Almanac — A Semi-Exciting Saturday

Also, this day last year was a Saturday rather than a Sunday.  Sorry again!

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