Inspector Biff and the Mystery of the Disappearing Lake


inspector in Puddle.png

A few of my posts this week have marveled about how the rains have turned a local golf course into a lake, causing the local waterfowl to seek refuge on a makeshift archipelago.  (I have been waiting 40 years to be able to work the word ‘archipelago’ into a sentence!  Thank you Alexander Solzhenitsyn!)

Yesterday especially I was gushing about how the entire golf course was submerged under many feet water.  Well, today on the way to work I drove by this same golf course and I was disappointed to note that all of the water was gone.  The only water present were the few small water hazards that are always there (except in the dead of summer, when they become sand traps.)

Where did all that water go?  Someone has spirited it away!  I suspect Oklahoma.  We have been waging water wars with them for a hundred years.

It is amazing to me that a million gallons of water can be there one day, and completely gone the next.  Is Dallas’ drainage system that good?  Or is there a convoy of tanker trucks full of golf-course water heading towards the Oklahoma border while all the drivers laugh like Snidely Whiplash?


Occam’s razor would suggest it is the good drainage.  But what does Occam’s razor know?  It’s just a razor!  Sure, it may be pretty sharp, but it doesn’t know everything.

I prefer to think of the convoy of tanker trucks.  Or a arch villain with a giant straw and a large rubber bladder the size of the Exxon Valdez tucked away in a subterranean cavern.  This arch villain plans to sell the water back to us this summer when we need it most, at highly inflated prices.

And who is this arch villain, you ask?

Why it’s the water department, of course.


  1. Not a lot of posts contain Snidely Whiplash, an archipelago and the Exxon Valdez all in one. And if I may, the Valdez wouldn’t make it to Oklahoma because Hazelwood would have crashed it into a sand dune

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