Into Each Life …


The rains have come to Dallas!   Hallelujah!

We have received three inches so far today — and counting.  I am quite happy about that, though it made driving home after work quite dicey since several intersections I have to drive through had about a foot of standing water in them.

I am an unapologetic pluviophile.  Truth is, I like rain.  And lots of it.  The more the merrier.  I will only think it’s enough when I see someone building an ark.  Even then I’m okay if it keeps raining, as long as I am able to book passage on said ark.  I’ll just log on to WaterBnB and see what I can get.

I like rain because it gets my creative juices flowing.  (This particular blog post notwithstanding.)  I do my best work when it is raining outside.  Some of it is even readable afterwards.

I like rain because it removes the urge to “get out and do something.”  On your typical evening there is the pressure to run to the store to buy milk, or to go spruce up something outside in the yard, or to run to the bank, or any number of things.  But when it is raining cats and dogs, it is quite easy to talk myself out of those things.  I just turn up the heater a few degrees, nuke my coffee in the microwave, and kick back with my headphones and my laptop and I am quite content with the world.

But talk to me again on Friday.  It is supposed to rain non-stop between now and then.

I suggest someone start building an ark!

I would, but I just reheated my coffee and I have some Jim Brickman on the headphones and this blog post isn’t going to post itself.





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