Poor Biff’s Almanac — Throwing Out the World


Poor Biff's Almanac Graphic (Colored) #1

I have spoken many times here on my blog about how Sunday nights appear so suddenly out of nowhere.  If they were bears, we would have all been mauled by now.  We can be just idly getting through the weekend, picking berries, storing acorns in our cheeks, collecting bits of string, or whatever it is we do on weekends and then, suddenly … BAM!  We are set upon by Sunday night and we’re like, “Wait!  I wasn’t ready!  There are still berries to be picked, acorns to be stuffed into my cheeks, and bits of string to be woven into my nest!

The bear could not possibly care less.

(For the hard-of-metaphoring, the bear plays the part of Monday morning and the start of the work-week.)

But it’s okay.  I still had a pretty productive weekend.  I accomplished lots and lots of things.  Things that I will get the privilege of doing again next weekend.  Like Sisyphus pushing his stone up that hill over and over and over again, so too do I perform the same mindless chores, activities, and errands week after week after week.  By some peoples’ definition, that is insanity.  However, according to the vast collection of city ordinances under whose jurisdiction I fall, it may very well be insanity, but it is insanity that is required by law under pain of stiff fines.  I suppose I should be happy that my Fair City cares about me, but it is a sort of “Mommy Dearest” care.

One of the things I worked on was cleaning up my home office.  That is another recurring theme here on my blog because it is something I attempt every few months.  It is a fool’s errand.  Cleaning up a space assumes that you have somewhere to put all of the things that are in that space.  If you don’t, you basically just pick them up, dust them off, move them around a bit, and call it a day.  When you’re done, there’s really no difference other than the dust is now in the air rather than on the room’s items.

But I have decided that enough is enough.  I started truly cleaning up … and throwing out.  I took down the map of the world that had been on my office wall for the past ten years.  Many of the countries depicted on it don’t even exist any more.  In its place, I hung up the Mary Petty print I bought at a garage sale 7 or 8 months ago and framed myself.  But since that time, it has been leaning against a bookshelf on the floor in my office for lack of somewhere to hang it.  But now it is hanging where the world used to be and looks awesome.  I threw the world into the recycling bin.

But I didn’t stop there.  I nearly burned up the motor in my paper shredder.  I tossed all sorts of things into the trash or the recycling bin.  I made a giant pile of things down in the living room to take to the Salvation Army.  I have been saying for months that it is time to simplify, minimize, and reduce.  In fact, it was one of my New Year’s resolutions.

Well, the time has come to put up or shut up.

Today, the world!

Tomorrow … it’s back to work.




  1. I am commenting to first say congratulations to you on checking off a resolution…especially so late in the resolution year. Second of all thank you for your comment on my Slinky post and how to save an accidentally deleted post, however clumsy thumbs (me) then deleted your comment in all its irony. This squirrel is having a very difficult go dodging the bear this Sunday! Do you mind reposting-if you recall your comment?! Happy writing and enjoy your like-new work space tomorrow.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Sarah! I still have a ways to go, but it is already a lot better. There are more flat surfaces than there were this morning! Lol!

      And I will be happy to repost my comment on your post.

      Thanks for dropping by!


  2. Good job! Sundays are my least productive day because it’s a super-early work day and then a HUGE nap day when I get home. The rest of the evening passes however it does, as long as it’s relaxing.

    I feel as if I got a lot accomplished on Saturday, though, which was my goal, so there’s that. But I’m glad you reminded me that a 2018 goal of mine is to declutter each week for a certain minimum amount of time. You’d never know it by looking at my house, but I really do think better with a decluttered environment. My problem seems similar to yours: when we clean out an area, there has to be somewhere to put all the stuff we’re moving around. Hence the decluttering promise to myself.

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    • Thanks, Lynda! I try to reserve Sundays for relaxing, too, but it rarely works out that way. Or, if it does, I feel guilty about it. But I am finally tired of the clutter. Frankly, I’d rather have the uncluttered space and the order than whatever “memories” the objects themselves conjure up. I’ve had to convince myself that the memories remain even when the object I’ve attached it to has been thrown out.

      Good luck with your decluttering! We can encourage each other.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Excellent perspective! I am right with you: the memories are what’s important. I can always take a picture of something I don’t want to store anymore.

        I’ll keep you posted on my progress!


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