Biff’s Weekly Top Five, Feb 17 2018

pool-snooker-ball #5

I am a bit late in getting out my latest edition of this “weekly” feature of mine. But better late than never!
Below are my top 5 favorite things I’ve read on WordPress for the past week.  Or in this case, the past month.
The things I choose are usually single-sentence quotes, though some may be multi-sentence.  I do love a good turn of phrase!
Most of them will be humorous, because that’s what I’m all about. 
They are presented in no particular order.
I invite you to visit the blogs I’ve linked to and give the bloggers some love (and likes).  I’d rather you give THEM the likes than me.  Enjoy!


“We have recently abolished the penny because of all the train derailments…”

Post Title & Link:    Canadian money: a funny, and quick lesson!

Blog Title & Link:    Struts and Frets (Achieving Immortality Through Not Dying)

Posted on:                 January 28, 2018

Biff’s Comments:

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for our brothers and sisters to the north, the Canadians.   And I have always been a bit fascinated by their money because it is so different from our own.  US currency and coinage sets new standards for being boring and uninspiring.  Not so, Canada!

Wilt steps us through the various Canadian currencies (including beaver pelts) and has managed to make numismatics funny and entertaining in this wonderful blog post.  Who among us can do THAT?  Wilt can!  So, to the question “Wilt thou?”, I give a hearty “yes!”

Wilt is also a very funny cartoonist.  Be sure to browse around his site and read his great cartoons!



“I’m not a grooming expert, but I’ve learnt that male grooming differs from dog grooming in that the male is encouraged not to lie on their back and kick their leg with pleasure in time with the hairbrush.”

Post Title & Link:    Best of Breed at The Man Cave

Blog Title & Link:    the slingsta

Posted on:                 March 8, 2017

Biff’s Comments:

This was an awesome post and perfectly put into words my general unease with the trendy upscale men’s “barber shops” that have been popping up everywhere there are men with lots of disposable income.  I read the price sheet for one of these shops that opened up not far from my house and nearly blacked out to read that an ordinary haircut cost $US 60 and a shave was another $US 40.  What insanity is this?  Slingsta totally nailed this!  He also has a lot of other great posts.  Be sure to visit and browse his awesome selections.



Cold War Cafeteria: Diners eat secret messages on various flavors of paper spiced with special inks and washed down with vodka martinis. Friday night is the Judi Dench look-alike contest, which is at least better than having your hands broken.”

Post Title & Link:    Theme Restaurants for the Twenty-first Century


Posted on:                 January 29, 2018

Biff’s Comments:

I loved this post!  It was a great idea executed masterfully.  It is a list of ten restaurants with short blurbs such as one might see in a visitor’s guide to a trendy part of town.  Several of them made me laugh out loud, which I rarely do.  Five stars!  Biff says check it out.  Also, I recommend the veal.

(I‘m still chuckling over the idea of a Judy Dench look-alike contest … and it’s been two weeks since I read it!)


“Like the soup kitchens for the homeless or Ikea for couples who like to argue, it’s an essential part of your life.”


Post Title & Link:    The Yorkshireman Speaks: The only daddy in day care

Blog Title & Link:    THE BEESTONIAN

Posted on:                 February 16, 2018

Biff’s Comments:

I love Ikea humor.  That is one of those places you either love or hate.  Women tend to love it.  Men tend to equate it with the trudging through death valley while being flogged with Restoration Hardware catalogs.  As for me, I can take Ikea or leave it, but generally I don’t like buildings where upwards of 20,000 people have been crammed into a maze and told to find their way out.  Distopian, feral societies are bound to break out under such conditions.

But back to Yorkshireman’s excellent post, it is a ripping good read about the joys and ecstasies of not only being a parent, but getting to be around the spawn … er … children of other parents at a playgroup.  My days in those nappy-filled trenches are long since over, but I definitely had flashbacks while reading this humourous take on things that are not really that humourous if you’re living through them.



“I’m up bright and early each morning and aim to read at least 60 pieces before popping down to Tobacco Dock at 9.00am for a stroll along the wharf before my bowl of porridge. I find the fresh air and gentle exercise replenishes my enthusiasm for the next 6-hour stint at the old lappie, liking and making inane, reciprocal comments on the blogs of other WordPress family members.”

Post Title & Link:    Local man keenly anticipating spending another entire day reading WordPress blog posts

Blog Title & Link:    The Whitechapel Whelk

Posted on:                 February 15, 2018

Biff’s Comments:

This was a brilliant piece of satire … or maybe it was just reality.   We have all felt like this, I think.  We try to keep up with all the posts of all the people we’ve met.  But it is an impossible task.  There is no catching up.  And the author of this brilliant piece also pokes gentle fun at all of our desires to be published authors.

“The Whitechapel Whelk” is a very funny site altogether, so I invite you to stay and browse amongst his wares.


So there you have it:  my latest installment of Biff’s Weekly Top Five.  I hope you enjoyed it!  And remember … go to the blogger’s sites and show them some love and appreciation!


  1. Biff, What a neat website…especially your treatment & format & content of “Biff’s Weekly Top Five”!!! –Quite unique & efficient, giving you take no each! And thanks for the “Like” on my recent post, “On Language,” on my I must explore your website more! Phil

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