Poor Biff’s Almanac — Mid-February Edition

Poor Biff's Almanac Graphic (Colored) #1

For those of you marking off days with chalk marks upon your cell wall, today is Wednesday, the 14th of February.

Yes, that’s right:  we are already halfway through February, which is a feat I would not have thought possible a mere six weeks ago.  When January 2 rolls around and we all must return to work against our will, we look at the infinite expanse of brand new virgin year ahead of us and think, “Well, it’s going to take forever to get across THAT!”  (I’m not sure if the WP TOS allows the use of the word “virgin”, so I apologize up front if I have inadvertently alienated that small segment of my readership.)  But even though we think the new year will be infinite in length, it goes by whether we are ready for it or not.

Why, just today while walking down the hallway at work and meditating on the fact that we are already halfway through February, it occurred to me that there was a chap, not unlike myself, who was walking down a street in mid-February in the year 1832 thinking, “Wow, I can’t believe we are already halfway through February!  I thought 1832 was going to last forever when it first got here.”

Well (spoiler alert), 1832 came and went, along with the next 186 years after it.  And that poor chap walking down the street thinking that 1832 was going by too quickly?  Whatever became of him?  My Google search didn’t turn up much about him, but I like to think that he went on to have a successful career in filing the points onto the barbs at the barbed wire manufacturing plant on the edge of town.  He certainly cannot say that his life was pointless!

But my point is: our inability to accurately perceive the passage of time is certainly not our fault and we can’t be held accountable if, in retrospect, a month seemed to have had the same duration as a minute, or vice-versa.  Human beings were designed without an accurate internal timebase upon which to measure the passage of time with.  Our attempts to gauge the passage of time is like trying to measure out a cup of flour using a ruler.  And the ruler’s markings are spaced differently depending on how you are holding it and which angle you are looking at it.

But my real point is that it we are already halfway through February.  Soon we will be saying we are halfway through 2018.  And soon after that we will be saying we are halfway through some epoch of our lives.  And soon after that a blogger in the year 2204 will be making a wisecrack about me as I sit here in 2018 trying to grasp the passage of time like an alpaca trying to get the VCR to stop flashing 12:00.

At least, I think that is my point.  Only time will tell.

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