Sunday’s Random Tidbits: Strange Weather, New Beginnings, An Unmentionable Game

Random Tidbits

Here are some leftovers from the weekend.  This is the last time I’m reheating them.  If you don’t read them tonight, they’re going in the trash.

The Weather Report

As the title said so succinctly, today is Sunday.  It is mid afternoon.  The sun is shining brightly.  So brightly, that I may have to turn on the air conditioner.  No one likes to turn on the air conditioner in early February.  T’ain’t natural!

Well, actually … it’s pretty natural here in Texas.

Still, I don’t like it.  Not even one little bit.  I should be outside shoveling snow, or putting chains on the car tires, or telling penguins to get off my lawn.  But instead I’m mopping my brow, drinking iced tea, and wondering if I shall have to get out an mow the lawn.

But that’s enough grousing about the weather.  Just because it is the state pastime here in Texas doesn’t mean I have to bore you with my woes.

The Themes, They Are A-Changing

Some of you may have noticed that have changed my blog’s theme.  Or, more appropriately, my blog’s layout … since the theme has not changed.   The theme’s the same, namely “Things that tickle my funnybone, but make other people scratch their head and wonder if I’m okay“).

If anyone is reading this, say, a year from now, you are probably scratching your head and saying, “Changed themes?  It looks the same to me!”

But the truth remains, I picked a new theme.  The other one was tired, stale, and had been discontinued by WordPress (no doubt because they realized I was using it).  Changing layouts is just something I tried (out of desperation) to jazz up my blog a little.   I could improve the actual content, but that sounds difficult.  I’d rather chip around the edges by just picking out a new theme.  So I did.  And here it is.

I’m happy to report the transition from the old theme to the new theme was relatively painless.  Life is always easier when you just accept the defaults.  (Probably not sage advice, but I am not a sage so I have an excuse.)

Anyway, enjoy the new theme (if you even noticed I have a new theme).

Feedback is welcome, though not expected.

The Name of the Game

Tonight is the night of the Big Football Game That Must Not Be Mentioned (BFGTMNBM).  The National Football League (NFL) has enforced their copyright of the game and the name so tightly, that no one is actually allowed to talk about the game or even mention it in hushed tones, even if you are hiding out in a bunker and whispering it in someone’s ear.  No sooner would the word “S**** B***” escape your lips than the NFL Secret Service will clap a big, beefy hand on your shoulder and you will find yourself stowed away in a maximum security detention center somewhere.  So, for gosh sakes, whatever you do, don’t mention … you know … that game!

Interest here in Texas for the BFGTMNBM is minimal since both teams are from the Northeast, and one of them is a hated rival.  I know a lot of people have cancelled game watching parties.  I think the sports bars are a little nervous that no one will come out and drink so much overpriced alcohol that they remain fiscally responsible enough to not buy overpriced buffalo wings.  This may cause the Texas economy to crash.  Only time will tell.

As for me, I have to go to a watching party.  I’m not real enthusiastic about it.  I will certainly enjoy the company of those I’m with, but I’m not sure I can feign interest for four hours in a game I care nothing about.  And they won’t be serving alcohol, so I will have to remain engaged the entire time.  I may need to take a day off from work tomorrow to recover.



  1. Since I sometimes only watch one football game a year, the BFGTMNBM is usually the one, simply by default. Especially as I’ve found a reliable party where food is provided. As for the teams, we don’t have a local one so I tend pick the one I like the least or am tired of and root for the opponent. Kind of like elections.

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    • I’m pretty much the same, Dave. I only really follow the Green Bay Packers, and even them I only follow casually. I’m definitely a fair weather fan. When forced to watch a game between two teams I care nothing about (which is most of them), I tend to be a contrarian and will root for the team that everyone else is rooting against. Does that make me a bad person, I wonder?

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    • I didn’t get to consume any alcohol, but it was a pretty good game without it. At least it was competitive right up to the end. Blowouts aren’t very interesting. And I had to go to work today, so I couldn’t even use Superbowl Flu as an excuse. 🙂

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  2. I like it. I new year, a new wrapper, Keep em guessing. Since you and I have the same profession, I think the opportunities to make random, unintelligible, and very amusing observations will continue.

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