Biff Rambles On …. About Different Types of Logs

Biff Hiking #3

I felt I should write something that is slightly humorous to make up for my earlier post.  What better way to do that than with a Ramble™ post?   (Camera zooming in and out quickly on an armadillo while a vuvuzela makes honking noises)

Please don’t ask me what that was all about.  I guess I’m just trying to jazz up the ol’ blog a little.  It is my understanding that that is the sort of thing that Vlogs do a lot to sort of punctuate jokes.  I suppose it is the Vlog equivalent of an “applause” sign or a canned laugh track.   But you may have noticed that this is not a Vlog, it’s just a plain ol’ Blog.

I think it’s interesting that blogs are called Blogs and not Wlogs.  I admit that Wlog is hard to pronounce, but Blog breaks the paradigm by which abbreviated terms are created.  For instance, a Video Log is shortened to Vlog.  Using that same methodology, A Web Log should be called a Wlog.  But lets face it, Wlog, Blog, Vlog … they all sound kind of silly.

I wish I could do a Video Log.  However, I don’t have enough charisma or “screen presence” to pull off anything video based.  I tend to be sort of sedate and conservative and staid in “real life”, and that is NOT the stuff that good video is made of.  My personality can only come out in non-visual media, such as writing.  Watching a video log of me would be like watching a sedated cadaver reading school lunch menus.

This is probably a good time to admit that when I was in high school, I had an Alog.  I know that sounds obscene, but I’m not sure what else to call an Audio Log.  I used to record audio “comedy” sketches for my own amusement.  Fortunately, this was long, long, long before the Internet came along, and so there was no way to get these audio gems (Agems?) out before a listening audience and to be permanently available for all to see and laugh at (but not in a good way).   No, I was just recording these things on a simple little cassette tape recorder for my own amusement and no one has ever heard them except for me.  Thank God for that!

But perhaps I should crawl up into the attic someday, fend off the large mutant brown recluse spiders, and see if I can find those dusty old tapes and give them a listen.  But they might be embarrassing and excruciating to listen to.  Perhaps it would be less painful to get bitten by a brown recluse spider.   And anyway, I don’t think I have a cassette player to listen to them on.  Thank heaven for small mercies!

So, I think the real lesson to be learned here is:  Parents, don’t let your children spend too much time by themselves with nothing to do.

Another lesson might be:  Don’t let humankind develop the Internet.

But I think that toothpaste is out of the genie bottle.




  1. Fun fact: The word Blog was coined by Lisa Simpson (of The Simpsons fame). Also, “blog” is a portmanteau, if you want to get needlessly specific.

    These facts are also why my bar trivia team does so well.

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  2. Oh my…. my parents must have so many tapes of me too! I used to pretend to be a radio host, and talk endlessly about all and everything. I did interviews, sang and even made weather broadcasts… Not sure I’d want to listen to that now 😛

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    • Wow! I would pay actual money to get to listen to some of those old tapes of yours! You should totally market those. You could be rich in no time at all! I would especially be interested in your “Best of” tape of weather reports. 😀

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      • Mouahahahaha you’re too kind!

        I was very much into the recording thing back then… I even trained as a spy for a while, crawling under the kitchen table when mom and dad had visit over, and taping their conversation. They were, of course, ABSOLUTELY oblivious to the fact that I recorded them! I was so discreet.

        Later on, as a teen, when I lived in Africa, I would record tapes for my best friend here in Québec, and she would send me some in return… So instead of writing to each other, we could have virtual chat… There’s something cute about that, that The Internets have destroyed.

        But without The Internets, I wouldn’t know you! So I guess it’s not bad at all 😉

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        • That’s so awesome, Cyranny! We must have similar in our youth. I, too, when through a phase where I wanted to be a spy. It was after I had read “Harriet the Spy” when I was about 9 or 10. I didn’t have a tape recorder, though. I just walked around with a little notepad, observing people, and taking notes. I even copied Harriet’s style of note taking. Luckily, I grew out of that phase!

          I like your idea of the audio chats. That would be so awesome! And yes, yet another thing that the Internet has ruined. But, also like you said, I am grateful to the Internet for allowing us to know each other!

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          • I sometimes miss the times when I’d wait for the mailman… now everything is so quick! But I can’t complain, it has its advantages too 🙂

            Biff Sock Pow the Spy…. I kind of disagree, it would have been cool if you had kept going that way. Than again, you just might have. You wouldn’t tell me you’re a spy, if you were one, would you? 😛

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        • haha enjoyed reading that comment. Similarly, my friend and I (age 12) would make ‘shows’ on tape, a la Goon Show with silly voices and many sound effects that could be found in a kitchen. When I moved away, I continued to make such recording but using multiple recorders to people my episodes. Even sing duets by myself, overdubbing up to three voices. That was before Youtube or be I’d pooping into silk right now.
          i always communicated with my Brit rellies via cassette tape, recording over the old one over and over. Lot of awkward pauses, never thought to press ‘pause’.

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          • Man, I love the Goon Show! I have several of their tapes/CDs … and would love to have even more. I like the full versions that haven’t edited out the Max Geldray and Ray Ellington musical selections. But the Goons were absolute geniuses! Eccles was by far my favorite character … though I loved them all.


  3. I can relate! When we were little, we used to record ourselves creating game shows and commercials on my little cassette recorder. When I was in college, my roommate and I used to come home from a night of . . . dubious activities . . . and put the cassette recorder on while we went about our business of discussing the night and getting ready to settle in. It got to be such habit that we truly forgot we were recording, but the next day of listening was always hilarious, trying to figure out what we were talking about and how we’d tangented from this to that. That roommate is still one of my best friends, and we still refer to some gem moments in those tapes when we’re in “inside joke” mode. I don’t have those tapes anymore and neither does she, but I don’t have a working tape player anyway, so it would be pointless to have them around. (Our last cassette player was a kids’ Fisher Price player with dual microphones, and that thing lasted until our oldest was twenty-one . . . twenty years of use and abuse by every kid who ever entered our house.)

    All that to say, I don’t think that type of thing is strange at all. You probably have more gems than you realized.

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    • Thanks! I find it somewhat comforting to know that I was not the only person in the world who did that! Lol! As I was recalling my tape-recording days for this post, I was actually beginning to doubt my sanity. I feel much better now. 🙂 (Though I still have my doubts about my sanity.)

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        • Yes, I still think fondly of cassetttes, though I don’t miss all that rewinding and fast-forwarding to get to something you want to hear. I also remember that sickening sound that the stereo made when it started eating a beloved cassette.

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          • I remember being really upset if someone would press the tiny button that reset my numbers to 0-0-0 because then I had no idea where my favorite stuff was located without completely rewinding to the beginning . . . and then tightening the tape with a pencil, lol.

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            • Omg! I had forgotten all about that little counter! What a blast from the past. I was obsessive about that little counter. Like you, it was my index to where things were on different tapes. Wow! Talk about your Wayback machine! Thanks for jogging that memory.

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            • Lol, Wilt! You know me too well. I calculated it all out with precision that can only come from being young with too much time on my hands. I was also quite adept at filling up the few minutes of blank tape at the end of a side by reprising my favorite song from the album there. But the real trick was finding two albums that went together well thematically, for the A and the B sides of the tape.


          • Run on sentence in three, two, one . . .
            How about, opening the cassette with your doll’s size screwdriver (that you stole from your mom’s sewing room) and trying to feed the tape through the Goldberg-esque terrain; hear the sound of failure emanating as a crinkly sound, followed by the squeak as the rotors grind to a halt.

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            • Ugh! I felt shivers as I read your description! If I had a nickle for every cassette I had to take apart and try to fix, I could buy 2 or 3 CDs. I even got a tape splicer from Radio Shack so I could cut out the crinkly bits of tape and splice the ends back together. Apparently I had way too much time on my hands back then.

              I also had lots and lots of fun, as you described, taking apart tape decks and trying to free my beloved tapes from the evil clutches of the tape deck. I’ve never seen so many pullers, pinch rollers, tape guides, spindles, gears, etc. in my entire life! Often I’d just have to cut the tape out and then splice the ends back together and live with the mysterious 30-second gap in my favorite song.


    • The hilarity is the thing – we would laugh so hard!

      My dream would be to find those old audio tapes we made as kids. We made so many! Some things are not meant to be, I guess. It’d be a lot of trouble to find something that would play it. We have loads of old super 8 too, that is currently unplayable. One day we’ll bite the bullet, and buy a player on Craigs.

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      • In a way I’d like to find them and listen to them … but in reality I think I would be horrified at what I thought was funny back then.

        And, thank heavens, my family couldn’t afford 8mm movie cameras back then. The only evidence I have of my existence before 1990 are some faded Poloroids and so very grainy pictures taken with a Kodak Instamatic. Judging from the fashion and the hair styles, it is a good thing there isn’t much in the way of photographic evidence of that time!


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